Get Your Groom On

There is no excuse for being a slob . . . or as your bride-to-be might diplomatically say, “looking disheveled.” Maybe it’s just fine to show off shadowy stubble and a squirrel’s nest of hair on a lazy weekend morning, a late bachelor night or even at work if you have a boss with a loose interpretation of “casual Friday,” but never, ever at any of your wedding events – especially the big day.

Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your life with your new bride and, believe you me; it will be recorded and photographed for posterity by both sides of the family. And then, in this day and age, it will be shared on Facebook, twitter, personal blogs, and Instagram to hundreds of friends and family and maybe even thousands or millions of perfect strangers. So, of course, you want to look your best.

Make a dashing impression at your wedding events by taking those grooming habits to the next level – or, even just making grooming a habit! Didn’t your mother always tell you to comb your hair and wash behind your ears? Now’s the time to do it! Follow our tips for the groom on how to get groomed for a wedding. Good luck!

Get a Hair Repair: You don’t have to look like the 70s Breck Shampoo hair model, to come off as the handsome groom at your wedding. Some guys just aren’t gifted with those kinds of soft, silky hair genes. We liken going to the barber like getting the oil changed in your car; you have to do it at least every three months to keep things going smoothly. A guy’s hair that hasn’t been cut (we’ll refrain from saying “styled” in a while can be really unruly. You don’t want to look like Cousin It when it’s time to say “I do.” Consider a blow dryer; try out some styling gels, steal a bit of your fiancées hairspray if the day is exceptionally humid. We won’t tell. Keep everything hidden in a handsome monogrammed toiletry kit, a nice choice in groomsmen gifts as well.

Don’t Sweat It: No matter how chill you are, you’re probably going to be at least a little nervous at during all the social obligations of the wedding – especially up there at the altar saying your vows. Even if you’re not a profuse sweater, you may get a little shiny on the brow and sweaty under the arms. It’s a pesky problem, but one that can be alleviated on the face with some blotting papers or powder (ask your bride, she’ll know). For all-over body perspiration, that’s a sign of the “fight or flight” response, it will probably happen. Make sure you wear a cotton undershirt under your dress shirt to mop up the downpour, take a fresh one to change into for the reception. If you’re a confirmed mega-sweater, take an extra tuxedo shirt too. Don’t forget to swap out your cufflinks. Another common sense tip that will prevent any unpleasant scents is to remember the deodorant – please!

Suck it up and get a “man-icure”. Don’t dismiss the starring role your hands will play on the wedding day. You’ll be holding hands, wearing a new wedding ring (and being photographed up-close in it), and getting a congratulatory handshake from everyone. A do-it-yourself manly manicure will get all the dirt and grease out from under your nails and keep your cuticles in presentable order. After a shower, use a nail brush to get slough off dead cells and debris from your hands and then gently push back cuticles and neatly trim nails. Use implements from a manicure set for safety. In fact, pass out manicure sets to your buddies for groomsmen gifts so you all look well-groomed. If you have an excess of callousing on the palms of your hands from working out or manual labor, soak them a little longer in warm water and then vigorously rub them together to get off as much dead skin as you can. If needed, then very carefully use a razor to peel off the rest. Lotion up your hands ad dab a bit of baby oil into the cuticles, and you’ll look like a magazine hand model.