A Puff of Paradise - Cigar Stations

It’s a trend that’s taking over the reception, some think it “stinks” others think it’s a little puff of paradise – I’m talking about a cigar bar. Cigar bars have been spotted at weddings everywhere, from casual West coast beach events to hoity-toity hotel ballroom receptions in the East coast. A number of celebrity grooms have made sure that there is a fully-stocked cigar station at their A-list event and the coolness factor has trickled down to use regular, working Joes.

So, what should you do if you want to have a cigar bar at your wedding? It’s really not a hard thing to throw together, but if you’re really stressed there are actually companies that will “cater” the event for you! But, if you’re handling it yourself (and in reality, who isn’t?), then check out our tips to make sure that the night goes smoothly – not up in smoke.

Get your Permissions in Order: First, you’ll want to make sure your bride is okay with having tobacco at the wedding. Some may be entirely opposed and insist that you keep the dirty little habit at guy’s poker night. If she hesitates, say it can be her obligatory groom gift! Other brides may be in there smoking cigars right by your side! Also, if you’re not underwriting the wedding expenses yourself, you may want to check with the hosts – e.g., her parents or yours. Sometimes there is a sensitive family issue from the past that may make the alleged “glamorization of tobacco use a no-no.

Check with the Venue: If you have the green-light for a cigar station from your bride, make sure that you’ve notified the venue and been told it’s allowable. Because laws regulating smoking in public places and establishments vary from place to place, you’d had to have blown some cash on celebratory cigars only to find out they can’t be legally smoked.

Order and Store the Cigars: For a larger order of cigars, you will want to give some advance notice so that the retailer can have enough of your favorite stogies on hand – and fresh too. Ask for a full-box discount to help stretch the budget and check over all the loot before you leave the store to make sure none are broken or damaged. Since you probably don’t have a humidor large enough to store a party’s worth of cigars, you can just wrap them in cellophane to keep them fresh for a day or two until the wedding reception. Just make sure to keep the cigars out of direct sunlight and from extreme temperatures and humidity. Also, large zip-top style bags can make impromptu stand-in for a humidor.

Gather Needed Cigar Gear: Make sure you have all the supplies needed for cigar aficionados to enjoy the cigars. This includes cigars, of course, but also cigar cutters, matches or lighters, ashtrays and a comfortable spot to kick back and relax. And, a nice glace of whisky served in a lowball always pairs will with a fine cigar.

Make it Personalized: Add a unique touch to your ceremony by having custom paper bands to wrap around your cigar, this will really impress guests. You can also order personalized match books with printed with “Mr & Mrs. Whoever” along with other personalized cigar gear like cigar cutters, ashtrays and such.

Tie into the Theme of Groomsmen Gifts: As long as you have the cigar thing going, you might as well tie the theme into your groomsmen gifts. A personalized humidor makes an excellent best man gift or perfect to give as groomsmen gifts. At Groomstand.com, we have selections to fit every taste and budget from top-of-the line executive humidors to smaller, travel-sized humidors featuring a design of his favorite hobby. Or, hook up the guys with a double-delight choice in gifts for groomsmen, a personalized flask with a special hiding spot for cigars Whoa!