Grooms, Are You Ready For Some Football?

The moment many men have been waiting for is about to kick off -- football season is here! If you have a wedding planned between NFL pre-season games (the first four as scheduled for August 8th) through the Super Bowl at Meadowland Stadium in New Jersey (February 2, 2014) you really should make a plan on how to comingle your love for the two. With hopes set on elegant chandeliers, classical music and rose-covered trellises to walk under (not goal posts), most brides are going to give their grooms a thumbs down on a gridiron-inspired wedding ceremony.

However, if you sell yourself right (or have a sporty, football-loving bride), you may get to incorporate this-and-that’s from your favorite franchise at the wedding reception. The wedding reception is a good place to let the guy’s personality and interests show through and one of the most “tasteful’ ways to do this is with a groom’s cake. Just surf around the internet or consult with your local bakery to find some amazing, show-stopping groom’s cakes that can be decorated in the team colors or made to look like a replica of a football stadium.

You know your bride is a keeper if she agrees to have the wedding theme colors match those of your beloved team. Or, maybe she will even compete with you to have the colors be from HER favorite team – now that’s a dream wife. How about yellow and green a la Green Bay Packers? Can’t you just picture all the flower bouquets, cummerbunds, bridesmaid’s dresses, tablecloths, groomsmen gifts and more done up in these colors of molding cheese? It would be a sight to remember.

Speaking of groomsmen gifts, a sure-to-score way to incorporate football into your wedding (especially if you have a very short leash) is to give the buddies standing at your side on the Big Day football groomsmen gifts. An awesome groomsman gift or best man gift would be tickets to see his favorite home team play; however tickets to NFL games can be very expensive. For the 2013 season, the average price for an NFL home game, across the entire league, is $186 on the resale market. At the high end, the Chicago Bears have an average price of $446, while the Browns have the lowest price at $109. If this is out of your budget, you can check into tickets for some spirited college football – or just plan a bachelor party or guy’s night out where you just tailgate in the parking lot and enjoy each other’s company under the glow of the stadium lights.

If going the frugal parking lot route, make sure you have all the right tailgate gear on hand for immediate use and to gift as sporty groomsmen gifts. Check out for a huge inventory of not-so-standard-issue groomsmen gifts that can make the party fun, from Joe six-pack belts to drink cooler lawn chairs. And, if you’re looking for gifts for groomsmen that can be enjoyed at home, send them off with asset of custom glass football tumblers, a personalized canvas football print for their man cave, or a personalized NFL emblem money clip

Enough talk about wedding stuff. Who will you root for during the 2013 football season? Give your favorite team a shout out in the comments below.