Worried About Mixing & Mingling at Your Wedding?

Looking forward to marrying your fiancée, but not so excited about the public nature of the wedding festivities. Perhaps you’re a bit of a hermit or get nervous around crowds of people; this can be a problematic during the many social events leading up to and during the wedding. Good manners for the groom don’t just involve the traditional tasks like buying personalized flask filled with and make a fool of yourself, relax and worry less – we have some good tips to help alleviate your pre-wedding anxiety.

Pre-wedding events: Holding a get-together before the big day allows you to get to know your guests better. For weekend weddings, planning events to fill some of the time between the rehearsal dinner and actual wedding is a good idea. You can host a golf tournament, a picnic style brunch or a sight-seeing tour so that out-of-town guests can see more of the city. Because you’ve now made some memories with these people, you’ll have a guaranteed topic of conversation at the reception.

Hello my name is: The use of name tags give you one less thing to worry about, now you instantly can recall everyone’s name! It can also be a good idea to have guests write an extra nugget of information under their name, such as “cousin of groom” or “college friend of bride”. If room is available, the name tags can also have a fun triva fact such as “marathon runner,”

“single,” or “just got back from a ski trip.” While these facts will help you start a conversation, you can pass off it off as an icebreaker for everyone.

Have a task in mind: If idle chit-chat makes you sweat and feel sick to your stomach, consider incorporating a “task” into the conversation. For example, you could have them sign a guest book or pose for a photo. This strategy brings a purpose to your mingling and gives you a valid excuse to move on to the next table if you begin to get nervous.

Team up: If your new bride is the outgoing one in the relationship, team up and let her take the lead in socializing. She can make the introductions and keep the conversation rolling along; you can jump in whenever you feel comfortable. Hopefully the reassurance of having her there will make you more relaxed and you’ll have plenty to say.

Take a break: If your anxiety level gets too high during the reception, allow yourself to take a five minute break. Slip away to the restroom or take a walk out into the lobby for a quieter change of pace and chance to press your reset button.

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Have you ever been at a loss for words in a social setting or totally stuck your foot in your mouth? Let us know your stories and how you overcame the situation in the comments below!