Pull it Together, Man! Get Cufflinks A little bit of bling, that’s not too over-the-top is the perfect way for grooms to show their individuality and style. Some about-to-be-married men might opt for a snazzy necktie or pocket square to add a pop of color to a dark suit, others prefer a personalized tie pin or pair of distinguished engraved cufflinks. Well-chosen accessories can help a groom and his groomsmen stand apart from the dozens of others who also wearing a similar dark suit or tuxedo. Today, we’re talking about the cufflink.

Personalized cufflinks and novelty cufflinks are great choice in groomsmen gifts for many reasons. First, the small little fasteners offer straightforward function for the dress shirt by bringing together the cuff ends of a French cuff shirt. Depending on the style of fastener the cuff link is designed with, a guy can finish getting dressed to the nines with these classy alternatives to buttons. Second, personalized cufflinks add a fashionable touch to the shirt sleeves, so much more than a plain button can offer. When a gentleman prefers a classic, round cufflink or an unusual novelty cufflink, the little glint of metal on the cuffs adds a dashing style point peeking from the jacket sleeves. Third, when gifting a man with a pair of custom cufflinks, as in the giving of groomsmen gifts, the recipient will feel genuinely touched with the personal nature of the gift. By taking the time to have an engraved monogram, initials, a special message added – or even to pick out novelty cufflinks that speak to his unique personality, shows that you put a lot of thought and effort into your groomsman gift gesture.

Traditional cufflinks have a classic face, often round or square, that offer a conservative look with dark suits and tuxedos. A pair of traditional cufflinks might remind you of the sophisticated spy style of James Bond. Can’t you just picture him pulling up to a hotel casino, jumping out of his sports car and ordering a martini “stirred, not shaken” – all while his exquisite cufflinks say “I am a man of means and mystery,” without ushering a word. Who knows, maybe James Bond even received his cufflinks as a groomsmen gift somewhere along the way.

Novelty cufflinks, however, can be divisive. Some people love them; others think they’re not appropriate for certain formal dress situations. If giving a pair of novelty cufflinks as gifts for groomsmen, such as a set featuring a skull and crossbones or pair of dice, make sure the cufflinks fit the personality of the recipient – this ensures they will be worn time and time again. Now some novelty cufflinks are so crazy that they’ll start a conversation anywhere.

For example, tech lovers will appreciate the iCufflinks I found while surfing around the internet. Designed to look just like the glowing standby-symbol on an Apple MacBook, these LED accessories are so nerdy, they’re cool. Other unusual cuff links include tiny lighters that actually produce a flame, timers that will allow the wearer to check how many seconds it takes for friends and co-workers to say “wow, how cool” when they see them. One of the weirdest sets of cufflinks ever made was created from some guy’s gallbladder stones. Please don’t give those best man gifts or groomsmen gifts!

So which do you prefer, traditional cufflinks or novelty cufflinks? Let us know in the comments below.