You Can

Have a hankerin’ to get hitched in the Wild West? Today, in several venues around the country you can plan a wedding with the rustic vibe of life in the untamed 19th century. And, there is no threat highwaymen dropping in to steal the wedding gifts or the bride’s Pa breaking up the ceremony with his sawed off shotgun.

A guy really had to have true grit and be in true love to tie the knot back during this time; most men where perfectly happy to be footloose and traveling the trails in search of found fortune. But, when a man was ready to settle down on his own piece of land, he’d need a good woman to cook up good grub, keep his shirts starched and listen to his grand plans of raising (or rustling) up a herd of cattle and a family before one day riding off into the sunset.

So where’s a fitting location to get hitched? Well, Boothill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas is happy to host weddings and will transport you back to the untamed times of the 1800s. A large stagecoach makes the perfect backdrop for your vows and the bride can even rent a prairie-style wedding dress. Old Trail Town in Cody, Wyoming is another popular spot for couples who want to add some centuries-past style to their ceremony. This spot looks like a ghost town but is actually a collection of historic buildings that were lovingly transported from the abandoned nearby hills. The 1890 River Saloon, a nice spot to say “I do,” is decked out with the original flooring and bullet holes. Folks in California can head over to Knott’s Berry Farm to seal the deal with a Wild West theme; pick from a menu of era-specific options including stagecoaches rides and faux robberies.

So, what should you give as groomsmen gifts if planning a Wild West wedding? One of our favorite gifts for groomsmen is a steak branding iron, especially if you’re serving up some ribeyes or T-bones for guests to enjoy at the reception. At, you can find steak irons in a wide assortment of styles including single initial, multiple letter and pictorial designs. Another fine choice in best man gifts and groomsmen gifts is a personalized poker set. It’s nearly impossible to envision after-hours entertainment during this era without thinking of a bunch of rowdy men sitting around a saloon table playing poker. This idea is definitely worth recreating for your bachelor party! Don’t forget to give the bride’s parents a small token of your appreciation to be included into the family. It’s a well-known fact that in-laws don’t like outlaws, so a thank you gift that shows your domesticated side will be a winner. Try a nice personalized photo frame featuring you and the bride or a set of our photo coasters.

Also, in addition to procuring groomsmen gifts, you’ll want to rustle up something respectable enough to wear on the Big Day. A western-themed wedding does not require a tuxedo; in fact you probably shouldn’t wear one! Try a pair of cowboy boots, a long duster coat or frock-style coat and a string tie – and don’t forget the hat! For the groom, a pair of personalized cufflinks will dress up the casual style without looking too fussy. has a huge selection of engraved cufflinks and novelty cufflinks that will fit with whatever wedding day attire you select.

What are your ideas for a Wild West or modern-day western wedding? Please share in the comments below.