Wild Nights - Celebrity Bachelor Parties

When you're a celebrity, everyone knows nearly every step you take. You can't go into grocery story without a photo popping up that shows your cart filled with Cheetos and beer. You have to sneak in the back door of your dermatologist in order to keep denying you use Botox. You canÍt take the trash can to the curb in your boxers without appearing next week in gossip magazines. But, not too many regular Joes feel sorry for the A-listers; celebrities get paid handsomely and being in the public eye comes along with the profession. So, as you would expect, a celebrity groomÍs bachelor party is also fair fodder for public consumption. With deep wallets and tons of money to pull out all the stops, celebrity bachelor parties range from memorable, shameful to downright scandalous.

We don't know exactly what happened during Prince Andrew's bachelor party, but afterward, Fergie, Duchess of York, and her about-to-be sister-in-law, Princess Diana, dressed up as policemen and waiting at the entrance to Buckingham Palace to 'welcome' him after his big night. Now this is a funny gift for the groom from the bride; at least Randy Andy had a sense of humor.

The first marriage of television host, Mario Lopez, only lasted two weeks. Perhaps it was because that he admitted to cheating on his bride-to-be, Ali Landry, during his 2004 spring break bachelor party in Mexico. He was just supposed to be Marlin fishing, but apparently got caught up in the revelry. Apparently, not long after they said their 'I do's', Landry saw an incriminating photo of Lopez and had the marriage annulled.

Paris Latsis, Greek shipping heir once engaged to Paris Hilton in 2005, also got dumped for cheating on his bride right before the wedding. At the time, Hilton didnÍt elaborate on her reasons for calling off the engagement, but later hinted that his indiscretion was the reason their whirlwind romance went kaput. We know the guys in his wedding party must have been bummed not to get their awesome groomsmen gifts; the guy is loaded!

This may be shocking, but Russell Brand, the actor/musician with a notorious background as a partier, had a reportedly 'civilized' stag party. The recovering addict just said 'no' to drugs, alcohol and other controlled substances. Instead, the agenda for BrandÍs bachelor party was a soccer match viewing followed by dinner in a fancy restaurant. The group did head to an exotic dancing club afterward, but witnesses report that the bachelor party was under control and very well behaved!

Before Elton John and his long-time partner, David Furnish, wed, the pair hosted a luxurious, star-studded party that drew the likes of the Ozzy Ozbourne, Josh Harnett, Bryan Adams and Kid Rock. Even Bill Clinton was in attendance via video as he delivered a pre-recorded message of best wishes. Shirtless wait staff served champagne and nibbles and the next day, the flamboyant duo tied the knot in one of the first gay civil unions held in England.

One wild bachelor party was the event hosted for Mike Fisher, singer Carrie UnderwoodÍs hockey-playing fianc_. His group of guys hit one of the hottest clubs in Miami for his June 2010 bachelor party. While reports say that Fisher stayed out of trouble, only nursing a couple drinks, many of the other guys in attendance took the revelry over the top.

Bachelor parties were memorable, even back in the old days of Hollywood. In 1949, Jimmy Stewart had a scandalous shindig at the famous restaurant ChasenÍs in 1949. Apparently for part of the entertainment, Jerry Maren (who played a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz) put on a baby costume and was supposed to pee on Stewart. Another, little person was hired to call him Daddy. And this isnÍt all of the little pranks, other short-in-stature people jumped out of a silver serving dish to surprise Stewart!