Regardless of whether you love ïem or hate ïem, we have another bride and groom dancing video gone viral on Since the video sharing site was created in 2005, people have uploaded every kind of clip imaginable, from laughing babies to firework fails. One type of video that always seems to go viral is choreographed dances at a wedding, either by the bride and groom or by the groom and all his groomsmen or the bride and all her bridesmaid. WeÍve yet to see a video of a preacher moonwalking yet. Post to the comments if you find one!

This video features a cute bride and groom in very causal wedding attire, heÍs wearing khaki shorts and an untucked button-down and sheÍs wearing a white sundress and bare feet! With guests looking on the newlyweds start off their ñfirst danceî to a traditional slow song. Everything seems normal; the pair is making ga-ga eyes at each other and seem to be whispering sweet nothings. But, then it happens. The music changes to a medley of shoes, ñEverybody Dance Nowî by C+C Music Factory, the seemingly mandatory wedding dance song ñThrillerî by Michael Jackson, ñItÍs Not Unusualî by Tom Jones, ñFootlooseî by Kenny Loggins and more. It was a crowd please and the dancing duo seems to be having a really great time. In the video notes, the bride and groom mention what a fun experience it was to choreograph and practice the dance before the big day; it really took some of the stress out of all the wedding planning.

So, there you go. Another day, another viral wedding video. I think some couples seem to find it mandatory to come up with something they can video and upload to Youtube or Vine. If you are more of a private person and putting yourself out there on social media isnÍt your thing, no worries! You can still have a great wedding experience without trying to get as many hits on your YouTube channel as possible.

If you do want to make a video, make it memorable! DonÍt try to make a carbon copy of someone elseÍs idea, be creative and let it reflect your personality as a couple. Grooms, if you have all the groomsmen doing a dance for the ladies, hook them up with some dashing groomsmen gives like engraved cufflinks, funky argyle socks or fedora hats. Great dance routines need great accessories! Even one of our very distinguished groomsmen gifts, an extra-long brass and mahogany shoe horn, could be used like a baton!

After showing off your moves, youÍre probably going to be thirsty. First, rehydrate with cold water waiting in one of our personalized canteens. Then feel free to take some sips of the hard stuff out of an engraved flask, you deserve it! Both of these items also make welcomed gifts for groomsmen. Long after you wedding reception these best man and groomsmen gifts will be used at many events, from tailgating and camping to keeping thirst quenched at the gym.

So, what do you think of choreographic a dance to perform at your wedding. ñYes,î ñMaybe,î or ñNo Way.î Let us know in the comments below.