Mustache Mania for Grooms

Mustaches seem to be all the rage in pop culture today. But, why the resurgence in popularity with the hairy upper lip? Really mustaches hark from the dawn of time, do you think the cavemen shaved off facial hair? We think not. My guess is that ‘staches are back on the scene because of a renewed interest in all things from 70s and 80s eras. Everything old becomes new, hip and cool again, including mustaches flashing back to the days of Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit, Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I., and the legendary runner Steve “Pre” Prefontaine. A physical feature unlike no other, the mustache has been the common denominator forever linking dictators with porn stars and artists with potheads. It’s the universal equalizer yet, if worn right, imparts a certain swagger that a clean-shaven face just can’t pull off.

Are you thinking for growing (or keeping) your mustache for the big wedding day? Depending on the fondness your betrothed has for sprouted whiskers, growing facial hair could be considered a gift for the bride . . . . or, if she is just allowing you to grow it, then a gift for the groom! If she’s against the ‘stache, just tell her the word “mustache” is French and having one (you, not her) will add loads of oh-la-la class to the Big Day. Rally the guys to grow a display of distinguished mustaches. Your groomsmen will be all (hairy) smiles as the walk down the aisle to support you. But don’t let them go all mountain man on you; mustaches need to be tended to and groomed. Thanks why a classic shaving set with razor, badger brush and bowl for whisking up frothy soap makes the perfect choice in groomsmen gifts.

Having trouble deciding what type of mustache to grow? Some of the uncertainty will be answered just by the amount of hair you’re able to grow and your facial hair pattern – the majority of facial hair growing prowess comes from your genetic makeup. However, some will say that what you eat can play a role in it too. For example, eating lots of soy and green tea will reduce hormones that you need to grow hair while some facial hair fanatics say that taking deer or elk velvet extract will give you a big, beautiful, bushy burst of growth. However, some well-known styles of mustaches include the Dali, the Imperial, the English mustache, the Fu Man Chu, the Handlebar, the Horseshoe, the Pencil, the Chevron, the Walrus and the Toothbrush.

Rock out that mustache, man. It’s the groom’s day to and you should present an image that suits your style. Have some fun with the mustache, both in the wearing of it and the honoring of it. With the all the mustache mania that’s going on, you’ll be able to find tons of party favors that are imprinted with mustaches – like napkins, accessories, buttons and even faux-fur stick-on mustaches that every man, woman and child at the wedding can wear for a fun photo opportunity. The men with facial fringe deserve some fitting groomsmen gifts including our awesomely cool Mustache Flask. This stainless-steel flask features a black mustache motif on the front for a fittingly testosterone-infused tribute. Or, enjoy a parade of perfectly coiffed ‘staches in different styles with our set of Gentleman’s Mustache Pilsners. We love how when these 20-ounce beer mugs are lifted up for a sip, the mustache almost seems to jump off the glass and onto the face!

What is your favorite style of mustache? Let us know in the comments below.