Millions of Wedding Guests Who Love Football

Guys, do you think more people attend weddings or professional football games? It’s the trivia question of the day! Let’s look at weddings first. According to various sources including the Bridal Association of America’s Wedding Report and the Wedding Market Database the wedding industry continues to grow at a fast rate. Data obtained from these sources show that there are 2.4 million weddings per year in the United States and the average number of guests per wedding is 173. If you do the math, this is an incredibly large number of annual wedding guests – more than 400 million! And, with only around 316 million US citizens currently alive according to the US Census Bureau’s population clock, it means some of us are going to more than one wedding a year. I feel sort of left out because I didn’t get invited to a single wedding during the last 12 months!

So with hundreds of millions of friends, family and co-workers are getting dressed up, buying wedding gifts and watching some couple say their respective “I do’s,” you can see how the “guest” part of the wedding industry is huge; so huge it’s ginormous. To put it into perspective for you sports-loving guys, the annual in-stadium attendance for all 32 NFL football teams is only just a bit above 16 million. There is really no comparison between 400 million wedding guests to 16 million paying NFL football fans, but we do know that many of those wedding guests just have to be football fans. And, no doubt in your own wedding, a nice percentage of the guests is going to be NFL fans themselves. has some great ways to score big with the gridiron fans in your wedding party.

Football Bachelor Parties: If your bachelor party is happening during football season, drop the hint to organizers that you’d love it to involve your favorite sport. Score tickets to the big game and hold a tailgate party out in the parking lot complete with grilling, beer drinking and classic parking lot game playing like bean bags and horse shoe. Hook up the guys with personalized football shaped tumblers for super-cool groomsmen gifts.

Football Groomsmen Cakes: While the bride gets her traditional tiered cake, it has become customary for the groom to get his own cake that reflects his personality. Search the internet for “football groomsmen cakes” and you’ll uncover loads of sugary wonders that resemble everything from football stadiums and gridirons to signature jerseys and helmets in the team colors.

Football Team Wedding Colors: If your bride is a football fan herself, she may be on board for this ultimate gesture and gift for the groom—to officially name the wedding colors to match a favorite franchise’s colors – or to wear jerseys instead of formal wedding wear! Silver and black, purple and gold, black and orange – so many options for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen bow ties, flower arrangements, balloons and other decorations.

Football Groomsmen Gifts: If your friends love football as much as you, football themed groomsmen gifts are a winning choice. From personalized football stadium signs to kick up the spirit in a media room or office space to our manly NFL fan favorite bracelets that let him show off his affiliation 24/7, has a wide range of football sports gifts for groomsmen.

So, are you planning to incorporate your love of football into the Big Day? Let us in on your sure-to-score-big ideas in the comments below. Thanks!