Matt Lanter Gets Hitched with ïThe ForceÍ

Even if you won’t cop to watching the CW’s ‘90210,' a modern-day remake of the Nineties teen drama “Beverly Hills, 90210.” you may be interested to know that one of the series’ actors recently got hitched – and it had an interested twist aside from the dapper dressing with engraved cufflinks! Matt Lanter, who played Liam Court in the television hit, married Angela Stacy this past June 2013 at the Calimigos Ranch in Malibu, California.

So, in an entertainment-overload world packed with celebrity weddings, why does this guy’s day catch our attention enough to name him Marrying Man of the Month for Well, the actor, who also voiced the character Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” added some touches from a galaxy far, far away to his big day! The bride allowing any reference to Star Wars in a wedding, in our opinion, is an awesome groom gift and great way to kick off an out-of-this world marriage! As the couple walked into their wedding reception, the theme music from “Star Wars” was queued for the big entrance. We think it would have been cool if they walked under a tunnel of upheld light sabers in the style of swords held up at military weddings!

Additionally, a mini-battalion of Storm Troopers dressed in full regalia greeted guests at the reception and posed for party pictures at this ultimate alliance of love. While the sci-fi love was in the air, it wasn’t all things Star Wars, from start to finish. While we would have loved to see the guests dance to the beat of the Mos Eisly Cantina and the newlyweds to zip off on their honeymoon in a fully-loaded pod racer, that wasn’t the earthly reality. But, still, we think the wedding is a great example of how a groom can highlight his personality during an event that often focuses on the bride (stuff can get a little feminine, right?).

Sources also report that the wedding reception tent had a separate section, away from the frilly-flowered dining tables, that was set up with a lounge. We suspect that the leather couch and ottoman décor was a tribute to the groom and a place where he, his groomsmen and other male guests could hang out for some “guy time.” This “lounge” idea is becoming very popular at wedding receptions and offers the guys a respite from the high-heel, hydrangea bouquet carrying crowd. If you are considering such a manly hangout for your own big day, a groom lounge is the perfect place for you and the groomsmen to smoke a few cigars, throw back a few shots of whisky and banter about the good ole days of bachelorhood. Don’t miss featuring a mini whiskey barrel on the bar dispensing your own personal flavor creation, this oak-infusing incubator for your own bottle of booze will be a huge hit (makes great groomsmen gifts as well). To prevent unsightly ashes and stay in good with the bride on your wedding night, also set out a number of our elegant walnut cigar ashtrays in the groom’s lounge. Of course, it almost goes without saying, these cigar accessories make quite sensible yet still sophisticated personalized best man gifts and groomsmen gifts.

Have you ever been to a themed wedding? Or, are YOU having a themed wedding? Let us know the details in the comment section below.