Do You Take This Flask to Have and to Hold?

A man without a flask at his wedding is a brave sole. A walk down the aisle is much easier with a little smile on your face, and a quick way to loosen up and put those pearly whites on display is to partake in a small swig of spirits from a flask. We’re not condoning getting smashed, drunk, or three sheets to the wind; that would really put a burr in the bride’s britches and, honestly, pushes the limits on the ethics involved in taking your vows. But, we see no problem with enjoying a single sip or mixing up a small drink to help calm your nerves before the big event. This all being said under the assumption that there is not a history of problems with alcohol in your life.

A flask is one of those manly must-haves that keeps a guy prepared for any situation where a thirst may develop. For example, if reception venue bar is ready for your party yet or there isn’t a convenience store in sight. Having a topped-off flask nearby is an insurance policy on all these potential “I need a drink now” disasters. Don’t be selfish hoarding a groom flask just for yourself. Treat all the guys in your wedding party to their own personalized flasks; everyone will be toasting to your fine taste. And, after, the Big Day, you and your friends will enjoy pulling out your engraved flasks again to use at football tailgate parties, camping trips and really long, boring visits to the in-laws!

So, what should you put in your flask? The traditional advice would be a spirit strong enough to make you squint your eyes, slap your thigh and let out a gasp of of satisfaction. Probably the most popular choice is whiskey, but tequila, vodka and scotch all fall in close behind. Some grooms even write in to ask if it’s okay to pour mixed drinks right into the flask. We say, fill your personalized flask up with whatever wets your whistle – even if it’s just some wholesome lemonade.

That being said, you grooms will want to stay away from adding carbonated drinks to flasks, you don’t want it to fizz over and ruin your tuxedo. Also, beverages with high acidity such as vodka and orange juice screwdrivers or margaritas may react unfavorably with the metal of the flask and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Here’s an idea, mix up a batch of “shooters” in your personalized flask. Try mixing equal parts of Irish cream liquor, whiskey and coffee in your flask for a wedding drink that will make your eyes pop! stocks dozens of handsome flasks that are perfect for your own acquisition and to give as groomsmen gifts. These personalized groom and groomsmen flasks will complement your style, whether that’s cummerbund and bow tie to blue jeans and cowboy boots. From a high polish flask and leather wrapped flasks to flasks outfitted in camouflage, you are sure to find the perfect personalized flask for yourself or to give as a tasteful choice in groomsmen gifts and best man gifts.

What do you like to put in your flask? Let us know in the comments below.