No-Fail Foil Way to Wrap Groomsmen Gifts

During the months leading up to the wedding, there are plenty of ñhoney-doî tasks that the bride may ask you to step up and take over. Better get used to it. Some of these chores may be items on her to-do list, while others may be responsibilities that were yours to start with _ only you were oblivious. For example, did you know that YOU, the groom, are supposed to shop for the best man gift and all of the groomsmen gifts. Yes, thatÍs right. Even though the bride is most likely the super shopper in the relationship, able to run faster than your speeding heart and leap tall turnstiles in order to be first in line at a sale, hunting out and buying groomsmen gifts is your job.

There is an obvious reason why the groom is put in charge of this check off box on the wedding to-do list. ItÍs not a punishment or even a preview that you have to take over all household shopping in the future. Instead, itÍs just that you know the best man and groomsmen better than her, plain and simple. I mean, would you really want to select the bridesmaid gifts? And, if you were part of the groomÍs wedding party, would you really get a warm fuzzy from some random groomsmen gift your buddyÍs fianc_ picked out? We think the answer to both question is a resounding ñnoî!

We also have other news you may not like to hear and that is you should probably also take charge of wrapping the groomsmen gifts. However, never fear. If you are present-wrapping challenged guy, you love this news. A man named Martin Grix recently invented a fool-proof paper that is so easy to use that even a... well, a man like you, could use it. DonÍt take offense at this dumbed-down version of present wrapping, simply take it for what it is _ a genius, super-fast way to wrap gifts for any occasion without the need of scissors, tapes, or a Ph.d. in bows and embellishments.

The wrap is actually colorfully printed foil with red or blue stars that is rolled up on a handled dispenser that is ready to accommodate your clumsy man paws. Even if you have an odd-shaped gift like one of our personalized baseball bats, the Man Wrap will come to the rescue. All you do is roll out a length of the foil and plop your groomsmen gift down in the center; wrap the foil around the gift and smash in the sides to secure. Voila, your gift is wrapped and ready to impress the recipient with both your sentiments and your skills. Check out this short video that demonstrates how Man Wrap can solve all your pre-wedding, gift-wrapping problems. The guy is able to wrap up five items in a mere 60 seconds. It takes longer to get up from the lazy boy to go retrieve a cold beer out of the fridge.

Now if youÍre sold on the Man Wrap, the bad news is that we donÍt sell it (yet). It looks like itÍs primarily a UK product. But, hey, you can always raid the kitchen drawer for the ReynoldÍs Wrap. If you still donÍt know what youÍll wrap up for groomsmen gifts, donÍt worry. has loads of best man gifts, groomsmen gifts, ring bearer gifts, gifts for fathers and gifts for virtually everyone on your list. The cool thing is that you can shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home, whenever you like. We ship the loot straight to your door. You wrap in foil. You pop open a beer to celebrate having the job done.