Even though summer has just barely started, temperatures are sure to remain hot for a few more months, especially in the south and west regions of the US. If you are trying to plan a bachelor party or guyÍs weekend party in honor of an upcoming wedding, staying cool may be just as much of a priority as having fun. We have a great idea that is sure to make a splash with you and the guys _ a Pool Cabana Party.

Pool parties are some of the hippest and most happening spots to unwind (and get wild) during daylight hours in Las Vegas. Most guys we know canÍt afford a poolside cabana at one of the big name hotels on the strip, the bill for cabana, bottle service and DJ can cost several thousands of dollars. Well, maybe this could happen if all the guyÍs pitched in as a gift for the groom. This doesnÍt even include the travel expenses to get in Las Vegas and the additional bundle youÍll blow in the casinos. But you can replicate the fun in your own hometown with a DIY pool cabana party _ and all at a fraction of the expense. Here are some logistics to keep in mind when planning and executing this summer season bachelor party:

Guests: Obviously the groom, best man and groomsmen should be going to this party _ but you definitely donÍt want it all dudes. This type of pre-wedding party works the best as less of a traditional bachelor party and more of a co-ed party; what fun is it going to the pool without seeing a single bikini? Actually, it could be a coupleÍs wedding shower with both men and women invited _ and what a great way for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get to know each other!

Location: Obviously you are going to need a pool. If you canÍt find a friend who is willing to loan you his backyard pool for the shindig (call it an early wedding gift), then start contacting local country clubs to see what their rental fees are for private parties. Or, inquire with the big hotels in your city to see what they offer. There will be a charge, but we can almost guarantee it will be nothing like the sky-high bill youÍd get in Sin City. Additionally, you can check out renting public pool facilities, but make sure you understand their policies on alcohol and music before plunking down a deposit.

Activities: YouÍll definitely want music and should consider hiring a local college DJ who will keep the party going all day and night for a reasonable fee. Or, search through iTunes for beach and summer type songs and make a playlist to loop on outdoor speakers. Make sure enough area is cleared (and stays dry) to serve as a dance floor. Be as daring as you care, have a contest for the best male and female beach body, most obnoxious bathing suit, craziest stunt off the diving board, best dance moves, etc. Make sure you have plenty of lounge chairs and day beds for lazing around and catching some rays.

Food & Drink: Really, nothing goes better at a pool party than hamburgers and hotdogs cooked outdoors on the grill. Use one of our steak brands to burn in the about-to-be-married coupleÍs initials or a heart into the bun _ this is a cool new trick that upscale burger joints are doing. These steak brands also make tasteful groomsmen gifts and party favors to commemorate the event. Also, youÍll want to serve up cool, refreshing beverages in the appropriate barware _ something shatter-proof for the pool area. If things really start getting crazy, pull out our Jag Bomb set that serves up a two-in-one shot of liquor along with a chaser.

Practicalities: Keep drinks and perishable foods cold in our personalized coolers that double as groomsmen gifts to take home. We love this tailgate dispenser cooler that offers up beers one at a time -- stock each guyÍs with a six-pack of his favorite brand. To cool off larger beverage assortments for the entire party, fill a childÍs plastic party pool with ice and just dump cans and bottles right it for a quick chill. Word of warning - if there is going to be a lot of drinking and fun in the sun, make sure that your guests have a safe way to get home.