Matt Damon Renews Vows in Wedding Sequel

You may already know that action movie star Matt Damon, of Bourne Identity and OceanÍs Eleven fame, has been married for seven years. But, Damon and his wife of seven years, Luciana, renewed their wedding vows in the middle of April this year. For their original wedding in 2005, the two planned to marry in Miami during the winter holidays in 2005. But, after the event was leaked to the media (thatÍs a terrible gift for the groom and bride), the couple worried that a frenzy of helicopters and meddling paparazzi would ruin the day, so instead they ran off to city hall in NYC.

The primary reason the two made the public statement of commitment again was due to their desire to have their respective families hear the vows, not a repeat of wedding gifts as might be my motivation. Although serious about the sentiments, Damon made a light joke of the vows saying that ñIt's nice to say your vows in front of family. That's the point of taking the vows. These are people who will hold you to them. One of my vows was I gave her the side of the bed closer to the bathroom. And if I don't stick to that, I'm gonna hear about that from my mom, brother and father."

So on April 13, the pair made sure their plans would remain private by renting out the entire Sugar Island Bead Resort on the island of St. Lucia. For the wedding re-do, Damon and his wife were able to repeat their vows in in the presence of all their loved ones. Jimmy Kimmel actually officiated the ceremony and celebrity friends including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Chelsea Clinton and Chris Hemsworth were also in attendance. We are assuming that Damon and LucianaÍs three daughters along with her daughter from another marriage were also part of the wedding entourage.

Vow renewals have become very popular with celebrities and ñregularî people alike. The ceremony is a reaffirmation of the coupleÍs love and commitment to each other that can be shared and celebrated with family and friend. Couples may choose to renew vows only once in a lifetime, perhaps on a landmark anniversary or others may choose to renew vows on a more regular basis. An American couple from Tennessee holds the Guinness Book of World Records for vow renewals, remarrying each other 100 times since their original union in 1982!

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