Grooms, Put Best Foot Forward

Your wedding day is fast approaching and we know you want to put your best foot forward in every sense of the phrase. Today, there are quite a few choices when it comes to picking the right shoes for the groom and groomsmen. Color and comfort of course are key, but another important consideration is the formality of your wedding. Converse sneakers or cowboy boots may be a statement of fashion (and function) at casual weddings, but more traditional affairs usually require a dressier shoe. Below, check out the different types of shoes that may work with your tuxedo, dark suit or event sports coat.

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Oxfords: First known as Balmorals in England, this type of shoe traditionally has a relatively low instep, closed lacing and a non-rubber sole. Today, suede or synthetic materials may also be used in the construction. One notable about oxfords is that they have virtually no embellishments, making them a sound choice for a number of suit styles. Tuxedos look great with a pair of high-polished black oxfords.

Loafers: Loafers have been in fashion since the beginning of the 20th century and can be either dressy or worn as a dressy sport shoe – imagine yachting, not basketball. An identifying feature of loafers is that they have no laces or buckles. Leather loafers slip on and have a moccasin-like top and wide and fairly flat heel. Loafers can have adornments including or decorative strap across the top – think penny loafers. Although they have a more casual connotation, nice loafers can work well for dressier, although not white tie, events.

Cap Toes: The basic construction of a cap toe resembles an oxford; the main difference that the cap toe has leather pieced into the toe of the shoe that can be plain or trimmed by a band of leather that can be perforated or have sheared edges.

Dress Boots: Dress boots are a far cry from cowboy boots or army boots. Dress boots have a streamlined silhouette and rise up to the ankle. These more formal boots, that can be plain with high-polished or feature a wing-tip design, have a slight heel making them perfect to wear with your wedding day attire if you’re looking for a little lift.

Monk Strap: This style of shoe refers to dress shoes that are similar to loafers in that they don’t have laces. But, instead of having tassels like loafers, monk strap shoes have a metallic buckle and a leather strap on the upper portion of the shoe. While quite sophisticated, the buckle and wider heel give this type of shoe a slightly more casual look, making them great for a wedding with sports coats and khakis.

Have you decided on a shoe style for your wedding day attire yet? Or are you giving useful shoe-inspired groomsmen gifts? Let us know in the comments below.