Reel Fun - Bachelor Fishing Party

Do you have buddies whose idea of a good time is waking up before dawn to get a prime fishing spot? Or maybe the early bird who catches the worm . . . er, fish, is you. If you and your friends love to fish, you are not alone. Thousands and thousands of men fish for fun and sport across our beautiful country’s numerous lakes, rivers and oceans. Most men like to fish with a reel and rod or fly fishing, although some brave guys will get out there and go “noodling.” If you’ve never seen this crazy sport, noodling requires the fisherman to pull out bottom-dwelling fish from the holes that they hide in underwater with his bare hands. Big game fishing for marlin, shark and other large fish is also a popular pastime with outdoorsmen types.

If you are looking for a bachelor party that is an alternative to a “go out and get drunk then head to a strip bar” kind of event, a fishing weekend is definitely a 180 degree turn of events. You may still enjoy some beers and swigs from groomsmen flasks, however the only thing you will see dancing is a fish as it flops around on the dock. Just imagine how relaxing and fun it would be to get away from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and the everyday rat race, to kick back in a cabin with your best friends and fish in the early morning and at dusk and fill the remainder of your hours with great conversation, great grilling and some games – perhaps poker, dominoes or even video games!

If you plan to chow down on your fish (and please tell us you are catching and releasing if not) then we have lots of good tips for your cook. First, you’ll want to outfit him up in a master griller type apron, one with lots of pockets for his gear and protection from splatters. A good knife is always key for scaling, gutting and cleaning up what you’ve bagged before it hits the skillet. Our personalized filet knife is simple, but to the point. And, when you add a special personalization it makes a mighty fine choice in groomsmen gifts. If your fearless chef is cooking up the fish over the grill or an open fire, our three-piece grill accessory set will have him geared up for success – a spatula, pair of tongs and fork are all included.

After the bachelor weekend comes to an end, you’ll want to touch base about your final “fish tales” so that everyone’s story holds up once you head back to reality. Really, it was amazing how that 50 pound catfish got away! You’ll also want to thank your friends for hanging out with you with a fishing-inspired choice in groomsmen gifts. Our fishing lure keychain is a favorite; it looks just like an old-school lure and makes a great way to hold his keys while holding his many memories of a fun fishing weekend. Another idea in gifts for groomsmen is to treat them to a personalized sign that they can hang up in a den, home bar, man cave or other spot of rest and relaxation – maybe they even have their own fishing cabin! Our personalized cabin sign with a trout design and personalized fly fishing sign are two handsome choices in these groomsmen gifts.