Top 10 Places for Newlyweds to Live

Getting married and building a life with another person has a lot of challenges that require compromise. Not only do you have to set up a physical home address and decide where to put all the wedding gifts, but finding the right city to plant roots in can be one of the biggest negotiations couples face. Some newlyweds have been living across the country from each other before getting married and are looking for a neutral home base. Other couples are looking for the best city for their up-and-coming careers or desire the most affordable city in which to start a family. In their annual list of the 10 best cities for newlyweds, rattles off locations for you to fall in love with. These prime picks were selected for a number of criteria including rental availability, number of married couples, number of children under six, mean annual income and cost of living.

Tulsa, Oklahoma:Newlyweds will find that Oklahoma is ñOKî when it comes to the cost of living _ this state comes in the lowest on this list! Couples that like to get out and about can experience the many options in this cultural hub including major museums, ballet and opera. The Ozark Mountains and lots of fresh-air activities are also available for outdoor lovers.

Charlotte, North Carolina:Charlotte has the second largest financial center based on assets in the US after New York City, making this city a great place to build a career in the industry. That in mind, youÍll probably want to carry one of our fine money clips in your pocket to hold all your cash _ plus they make excellent executive groomsmen gifts for your buddies. Plus, the cost of living is fairly low, the weather is good, and there are plenty of big-city diversions in this southern locale.

San Diego, California:Great weather and getaways, this city has lots to offer couples. Enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities, from the beach to hiking, or slip away from this second-largest California city to one of the many nearby destinations for a romantic weekend. Plus, lots of professional sports teams are in the area _ youÍll love giving our San Diego Padre or San Diego Charger personalized mugs as sporty groomsmen gifts.

Minneapolis, Minnesota:Known as the ñCity of Lakes,î this bustling town offers gorgeous views of Lake Harriet that lovebirds would love to visit on date night. In addition, career-minded married folks will find the above-average mean income rate to more than compensate for the sometimes colder weather! If your wedding is during a cold month, Zippo hand warmers will come in mighty handy to give as gifts for groomsmen _ especially when you add a warm personalization.

San Jose, California:As the largest city within the Silicon Valley, San Jose ranks with the highest annual mean income of the cities on this list _ $69,000 for almost 55 percent of married households. With many high-tech employers, newlyweds find this a great spot to launch both a career and family.

Washington, DC: With lots going on in the capitol city, recently married couples have a wide range of opportunities at their disposal including cultural events, historical landmarks and political happenings. Those starting a career in law, politics and government flock to this area for the opportunities and high mean annual income.

Raleigh, North Carolina:The unhurried pace of life in this southern city makes it the perfect place to raise children. With more than 25 percent of children under age six, married people in the early kid-raising stage will find lots of opportunity for play dates and parental camaraderie at the many family-friendly parks, museums and other establishments.

Dallas, Texas:The ñBig Dî is a popular choice in Texas when it comes to setting up a home. There are many opportunities for downtown urban activities and suburban family fun. Plus, Dallas has a fairly low cost of living, lots of shopping, dining and outdoor activities. Barbequing and living in Texas go hand in hand; any one of our personalized steak branding irons make tasteful best man gifts and wedding presents for others involved with the Big Day.

Seattle, Washington:Seattle has a high average mean income for young families with children less than six years. While the weather is known to be soupy, to say the least, there are still plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that both couples and families can enjoy. Plus, same-sex marriages are recognized in Seattle, so all types of newlyweds can feel comfortable in this Pacific Northwest hotspot.

Houston, Texas:Houston is the 4th biggest city in the US and offers a diverse range of housing and living options, from sky rise living downtown to roomy and affordable accommodations for large families in the suburbs. Houston has a thriving nightlife and dining scene and is also close to Gulf of Mexico waters for those families craving some sand beneath their toes.