Groomsmen Gifts for the Hip Home Bar

When furnishing a home bar with serving pieces and implements, the obvious and more conventional choices come to mind. Nice weighty beer mugs able to hold a full pint of brew, shot glasses to get the party started (or keep it going) and even a serviceable flask ready to top off for an outing. All of these have traditionally been (and really still are) great gifts for groomsmen. Now,the woman in your life will undoubtedly request stemmed wine glasses for vino of both white and red varietals. Or she may even point you to the new stemless wine glasses as an alternative. We’re happy to educate you know that white and red wine are served in vessels with different sized bowls that help amplify the specific traits inherent in each.

But while you may have all this necessary barware and even some bartender conveniences such as a cocktail shaker, immersion blender and paring knife for making garnishes, there are some less-often thought of products that make home bar feel like a hip and happening place to kick back and enjoy an adult beverage. So go ahead, hook the guys up with one of these groomsmen gifts and then wait for the almost-instant invitations to come over and ‘hang out’ start rolling in!

Custom Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener: Practical and plenty party-worthy, this handy tool deserves a permanent parking spot on the wall nearest the beer fridge. Your best man and groomsmen can now “pop a top” with so much less stress now that the frantic searching through jumbled kitchen drawers is no longer an issue. Enjoy beer quicker and with more class, that’s what we say here at A must-have for your brotherhood of beer-drinkers, these handsome bottle openers have a vintage-yet-upscale vibe that just screams, “I’m ready to open a fancy import, IPA or bottled craft beer.” The black lacquered paint and distinctive golden paint decorating the recipient’s single initial letter have these unique implements blending nicely into any décor.

Double-Walled Stainless Ice Bucket & Tongs: Ice, ice, baby! If the ice melts away at your party, so does the upbeat atmosphere. Keep those good times rolling and all the boys chillin’ with one of these groomsmen and best man gifts. Sitting on the countertop, our ice bucket adds a sophisticated touch to the home bar while providing a quite serviceable job. Dump in a load of ice and then forget about it! The double-walled construction of this ice bucket provides extra insulation that will last for hours. The matching tongs are on call and ready to freshen drinks from the minute the first guest enters the door to the time the last rolls on home. No self-respecting party host should be without this home bar item.

Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder: Amaze and astound your friends with this almost magical choice in groomsmen gifts. Gather ‘round the guys and show them how you can suspend a wine bottle horizontally in air, attached only to one side of this wedding gift. Is it magic, science or an optical illusion? Or, are you just the most awesome groom this side of a travelling road show? Unique to give as groomsmen gifts; so hook up your buddies with one of these unusual conversation-starting contraptions! In no time they’ll be impressing their significant others and winning new friends with their David Copperfield like moves – plus, the sight of wine displayed sideways really takes the attention off a cheap bottle.

What are your suggestions for essential implements, gear and gadgets for the home bar? Tell us what you can’t live without in the comments below.