Tuxedo Time _ How to Wear it Well

If you want to look sharp in your tuxedo, you need to make sure it fits perfectly. Even the most expensive formal wear can look sub-par if it doesn’t fall just so over the wear’s physique. Without a doubt, fit is the most important factor in a tux regardless of if you are renting or having one custom-made. Remember to give yourself enough lead time when securing your tux, keeping into mind that tuxedos take time to alter – it can’t just be done while you stand there and wait. Make sure all the groomsmen know about this too! Also, if you can afford to, it is a very nice gesture to pick up the rent tab on the groomsmen tuxedos – in addition to their groomsmen gifts. Share the following fit tips and every one in your wedding party will look good and feel good on the big day.

The Jacket: A tuxedo jacket should always fit comfortably around the neck and shoulders, regardless of the style. Also make sure you can easily fasten it and there is no straining at the buttons. Also, sit down wearing the jacket buttoned to make sure it’s not too tight. Hold your arms overhead to make sure that the chest and should offer enough room for mobility – there should be no pulling in the front or stretching across the back. The jacket sleeve should end where the thumb meets the wrist, showing ½” of the shirt cuff. Also make sure that the bottom hem covers your rear and the back vent doesn’t pull open. Tuxedo jackets with tails should fall to the back of your knee.

The Trousers: The pants must button with ease, you don’t want too snug of a fit and risk popping off a button during the vows. The pant crease should fall in a straight, unbroken vertical line to the bottom hem. The pants should hit the top of your shoe tops, falling slightly to just above the laces of the shoe. If you are looking to slim your silhouette, choose flat-front pants over pleated pants.

The Shirt: Whatever the color, choose a shirt that fits comfortably around the neck, shoulders and waist. As mentioned earlier, cuffs should pop out to ½” from the jacket sleeve. The collar should lie flat around all sides of the neck and not gap in any way. If you are wearing a traditional tie instead of a bow tie, a tie clip may be worn.

The Vest: You may or may not be wearing a vest, but if you are, make sure it covers the waistband of the pants and is worn completely buttoned up. Use the adjustment straps on the sides or back for a perfect fit.

Shoes: Tradition dictates black shoes and can be whatever style you like, from wingtip to loafer to boot. Some grooms may choose to show their independent spirit with another footwear choice – like black Converse sneakers.

Cummerbund: The cummerbund is the pleated fabric belt that is worn around the middle, covering the waistband of your pants. Remember to face the pleats upward for the official look – some have said to think of movie ushers sticking ticket stubs in the cummerbund to remember the orientation of the cummerbund.

Socks: Again, tradition dictates black socks but bright, colorful socks are a modern way to add personality to your tuxedo look. You can keep fun color and not look like a clown!

Jewelry: Many grooms and groomsmen choose to wear cufflinks on their tuxedo shirts. French cuff style cuffs don’t have buttons and need an alternative way to fasten – hence, cufflinks. Cufflinks also make a great choice in groomsmen gifts and way to unify the look of all the gentlemen in your wedding party. Groomstand.com has a large selection from traditional engraved cufflinks with a monogram to novelty cufflinks (such as skulls or dice) that can represent the personality of the recipient.

Are you and your groomsmen dressing up in tuxedos? Or, are you opting for the anit-groom, casual look? Let us know your wedding day attire in the comments below.