Work Out Your Wedding Jitters

Having trouble sleeping, eating and staying focused? Does your heart feel like it’s about to beat out of your chest or are your feet cold, literally and figuratively? Don’t worry; you’re not dying – at least not yet. If you are weeks, days or just hours away from getting hitched, the overwhelming odds are that you are suffering from pre-wedding jitters. Some might call this condition “cold feet,” anxiety, nerves, doubts, or what-have-you, but when distilled down to the basics, this normal feeling of nervousness is just your body’s way of coping with stress.

So, in order to reduce stress, we have some great ideas to calm the cortisol levels that are freaking you out. And, knows nearly every guy is up for a little fun, our stress-busters are all exercise, fitness and sports related – that’s because science has shown that staying physically active helps manage anxiety, reduce blood pressure, decrease cortisol levels, and boost up those endorphins that make you feel so good. Plus, in the process you have fun and take your mind off the matter at hand – marriage!

Burpees: Even if it’s just minutes before you walk down the aisle, you still have plenty of time to bust out some of these boot-camp inspired beasts. Starting in a standing position, jump down and extend into a plank. Now complete a chest-to-ground push up, quickly engage body back into a tuck position and then jump up to a stand and clap overhead. Now do as many as you can in one minute – we guarantee you won’t be thinking about saying “I do,” you’ll be pleading, “When am I done!?”

Stair Climb: No need for fancy gym equipment here, just look around the wedding venue for a set of stairs and climb up and down them as many times as needed to return to a state of calm. Lucky you, if you live in a big urban area and have at your disposal a city skyscraper to climb! If your location is lacking in levels, then just find a single step and move up and down in the style of a vintage step-aerobics class.

Flag Football: It’s time to round up your team of groomsmen and family and organize a flag football game going on the lawn of the hotel or church. If the Kennedy clan could do it with such style, you can too! Just make sure you’re not wearing the tuxedos, you’ll never hear the end of it from the bride if you arrive muddy and with grass stains! Make the whole experience a little more exciting with a friendly wager; say the losing team “buys” the first round of drinks at the open bar! Football and frosty mug of beer; now that’s a gift to groomsmen that wins!

Wedding Party Fun Run: Yes, that’s right I said “fun” and “run” in the same sentence. If you are looking for a wedding weekend activity that everyone can participate in, set up a short race – maybe one mile or a 5k. Invite everyone in town that morning, from the flower girl to the father-of-the-bride, to come out and battle it out to the finish line. Winner takes home bragging rights and an obnoxious trophy presented at the reception – how about an engraved flask filled with Gatorade?!

However you choose to reduce stress before your wedding, remember to include your groomsmen. Studies show that having close friends and confidants nearby during “life changing events” can help a man transition more smoothly into the new situation. That’s because friends don’t let friends freak out – they’ll listen to you, pump you up, fill you with confidence and, at a minimum, take your mind off the impending nuptials for a while. Show your sincere thanks with a well-chosen groomsmen gift. has a wide range of awesome groomsmen gives that any guy would love to receive. We even have loads of sports-themed gifts to suit the athletes including custom printed sports signs, engraved baseball bats and personalized golf putters.