Honeymoon Travel Tips

Every groom and his bride can expect the honeymoon to be a memorable trip, wherever the location. Memorable for most honeymoons conjures up images of romance, relaxation and few worries. But, keep in mind that “memorable” can also mean “events have gone disastrously wrong.” Make sure you recall your honeymoon with fondness in the years to come by being aware of issues during travel that could arise and screw things up. And, remember, if the bride’s not happy, you’re not happy!

If at all possible, don’t book your honeymoon flight in the early morning after the wedding. If your reception is planned in the evening, you will most likely be staying up very late. No couple wants to have to have a wake-up call when it’s still dark outside – or, worse yet, wants to risk sleeping through the alarm clock.

Make sure your luggage is marked in case it gets misrouted during your travels. Nothing would be sadder to not have those sundresses and bathing suits she picked out for her dream beach vacation. Our Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags make an eye-catching statement on your luggage, you’ll see them as soon as then whirl by on the carousel.

Splurge on your honeymoon and surprise the bride. Plan an exclusive excursion or fancy dinner, something you wouldn’t do on an ordinary vacation. Every honeymoon should have several wonderful things to remember.

Purchase the bride’s airline ticket with her maiden name. Security at the airports requires that the traveler’s name exactly match a driver’s license, passport or approved identification card. Unless your honeymoon is quite some time after the actual wedding, there is no way your bride would have had time to change her last name on these documents.

If you are traveling to a destination that requires a passport, make sure that you give yourself enough lead time to obtain or update yours. Some countries require that your passport be valid for as long as three months when you enter the country, even if you’re planning to leave before it expires. Check out the status of your passport as soon as you decide where the honeymoon will be. Don’t wait until the last minute. And, treat the both of your to a nice leather passport cover.

Find out if there are any required or suggested immunizations needed for your honeymoon destination. Make your doctor’s appointments with enough lead time to get these medical needs taken care of. Go to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention to find out what’s needed a (cdc.gov).

Take security precautions with your money and valuables while travelling. Remind the bride that purse snatchers are on the prowl in tourist locations and guard your wallet as well. In fact, guys are safest to keep their cash and credit cards in a money belt or contained in a money clip stashed in a front pocket (never the back pocket). As much as she loves it, convince your bride to leave her expensive engagement ring at home and keep her other items nestled away in our leather travel jewelry case. If you need to motivate her to leave her diamond ring in the bank vault or with a trusted family member, simply purchase her an inexpensive faux replica to wear while the two of you are off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Where are you planning to go on your honeymoon? If you have any additional tips on making travel easier, let us know in the comments below.