Twelve Symbols of Life to Incorporate into Weddings

A wedding is a ceremony where the bride and groom exchange vows to each other before their god, their friends and their family. Not only is a lifetime commitment being made between the couple, marriage also weave together two previously unrelated families forever. Many in the African-American culture choose to include special elements in their wedding ceremony that represent the traditions and customs of their ancestors. The ‘symbols of life’ are often incorporated into the wedding day in some way, and gift-giving is one of the best ways to share the message. It doesn’t matter your heritage, people from every part of the world can agree that the symbols below offer great insight on how to create a lasting, happy marriage that incorporates the extended family.

Wine: Wine represents the mixing of blood between the two families. Personalized wine glasses make a fine wedding gift for the bride and groom and can be used to toast the entire family.

Wheat: This grain symbolizes fertility and the giving of life and land. If you are looking for groomsmen gifts to capture the idea of wheat, our set of four tapered pilsner glasses makes the perfect vessel to enjoy a light honey wheat beer!

Pepper & Salt: Pepper represents the heated times families will have, but will pull through. Salt represents the healing and preservation of a marriage -- just like salt “cures” food. A salt and pepper grinder makes a great wedding gift for this life symbol.

Bitter Herbs: These sometimes unpleasant plants symbolize the growing pains of married life. Nothing chases away the taste of bitter herbs faster than a swig of something stout from an engraved flask – a popular choice in groomsmen gifts, by the way!

Water: A true life source, water brings the ability to purify and dissolve bitterness. Our bedside water carafe makes a useful and utterly thoughtful wedding present for the bride and groom, especially when monogramed with the couple’s last name initial.

Spoon & Pot: These kitchen staples represent how healthy food builds strong families. New couples can never have enough kitchen gear to start off their new life. Many of the best memories of life revolve around family bonding in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Broom: This implement connotes the cleanliness of health and well-being. Okay, no one wants a broom as a wedding gift or groomsmen gift, so just go with pure symbolism here! If you must, give a vacuum.

Honey: Honey stands for the sweet love between a man and a woman. Out dainty heart locket bracelet also captures that sweet sentiment and makes a great gift for the bride from the groom.

Spear: The spear represents the protection of the sanctity of home and community. In modern times, a good pocket knife will do you just as well and a fine lock back knife engraved with the recipient’s name makes a useful keepsake from your wedding day.

Shield: The honor and pride of the newlywed’s home is symbolized by a shield. Another way hang up the proverbial shingle is with one of the personalized signs at Available in a wide variety of designs to honor interests, hobbies, and a plethora of pursuits, personalized signs can be hung in a game room, home bar, media room, man cave or other place of rest and relaxation. Everyone likes to see their name in the spotlight, that’s why these customizable wedding gifts and groomsmen gifts are so popular.

Bible or Koran: These sacred books are the symbol of God’s truth and power. A pair of our bible cufflinks serves as a reminder of faith in a higher being with each and every glance at the shirtsleeve. A meaningful gift for the groom, these Christian-inspired cufflinks also make inspirational best man gifts.