King of the Pins _ Bowling Bachelor Party

A few years ago, the mere mention of bowling brought up images of beer-gutted, middle-aged guys wearing bad shoes and matching shirts. Let’s just say that it would be a tragically uncool way to spend the groom’s last big hurrah of bachelorhood. But, flash forward to 2013 and all of a sudden bowling has undergone a transformation, making it all the rage with the hipsters. Old school bowling alleys are experiencing record numbers and new, upscale bowling “lounges” (alley sounds so shabby) are popping up in bigger metropolitan areas.

Like so many of the exclusive nightclubs that are hard to get into, a few of these new bowling centers ( like Leisure Time Bowl in NYC) even are pushing the velvet rope and bouncer approach to make sure only the hippest customers are being plucked out of the crowd to get their hands on a top-of-the-line 14-lb ball. Decked out with retro charm, but certainly not the way any bowling alley ever looked in the 1960s, today’s new bowling lounge has evolved with a number of swanky amenities.

In addition to knocking down pins in an actual bowling lane, patrons can enjoy an array of recreational pursuits. In many of these venues, there is gourmet food to savor other than standard burgers and bad pizza, invitation-only V.I.P. lounges where the cool kids hang out, dance clubs with a DJ spinning the latest music, sports bars broadcasting the big game, and waiters that actually come out to your lane to take food and drink orders. Doesn’t this sound like a fun place to have a bachelor party and treat the guys to their sports gifts for groomsmen?

A bachelor party at the bowling alley makes a fun guy’s outing for you and all the friends in your wedding party. Since guys will be guys, the competitive nature of getting strikes and being the big winner will drive the party forward all night - so will the pitchers of beer! A bachelor party at the bowling alley is a safe and sound alternative to driving around town and aimlessly hitting all the clubs. Arrange for a designated driver or party bus to transport you to and fro so that guests can have a few beers and not worry about getting home.

There are other ideas for a fun bowling bachelor night:

Bowling Shirts:Have matching bowling shirts made for your team or have the guys wear our personalized t-shits that have each members role in the wedding party spelled out on the front (such as groom, groomsman, best man, etc.). Official bowling shirts or team t-shirts make a great precursor to the bowling-inspired groomsmen gifts you will give them later.

Bowling Invitations: There are plenty of bowling-themed invitations via online services such as Or, try this really easy and fun idea for homemade invitations. Find colorful envelopes meant to hold CDs, the kind with the circular cellophane center. For the invitation insert, cut a square from cardstock that fits inside. Draw a circle on the card that matches the size of the cellophane circle. Add three small “dot” stickers found at office supply stores to the card in a way that resembles finger holes on a bowling alley. Write the party details on the back. Aren’t you the clever groom?!

Bowling Groomsmen Gifts: has a fun line of groomsmen gifts for bowlers. Featuring bright colors with a vintage vibe, these groomsmen and best man gifts will bring back memories you’re your fun bowling event for years to come. Plus, the special name personalizations that can be made on each elevate these classic groomsmen gifts into instant heirlooms. Cigar aficionados will appreciate our snazzy bowling cigar humidor while nearly every guy will enjoy his beverage in our bowling glass beer mug. Another fun keepsake is our personalized pub sign with a bold bowling design that lists the names of the guys on your team.

What are your ideas for a bowling bachelor party? From food and drinks to party games, let us know in the comments below.