How Grooms Can Help Out With Wedding Planning

Even though the wedding day is billed as “the bride’s day,” it doesn’t mean that the groom’s role is unimportant. In fact, the groom’s role is very important – he’s one-half of the union that is about to take place. Without the groom, the bride would be marrying an imagined husband – and that’s called crazy-makings in our book. So, if you take the point of view that it is also “the groom’s day” (which you should), you need to be aware of the responsibilities of your role. Brush up on the traditional responsibilities of a bridegroom below. However, if wedding planning appeals to you and want to break with tradition, talk to the bride about other tasks you can take on other than those listed below. Sharing the wedding workload a great way to start your marriage!

Pay your share: Although it has long been customary for the bride’s father to pay for the actual wedding ceremony and reception, the groom and his family also have financial obligations. For example, the groom is responsible for paying for the wedding rings ( in addition to the engagement ring), his wedding day attire, the marriage license, the officiant fee for the priest or justice of the peace, bouquets for the bride and bridal party, best man gifts and groomsmen gifts, and the honeymoon. In addition, it is standard practice for the groom and his parents to host a dinner for both families and key members of the wedding party the night before the wedding, after the actual wedding rehearsal run-through.

Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts: It is always in good taste to thank the friends who have stood by your side on the Big Day and for the years leading up to it with a thoughtful groomsmen gift. Even if you hate shopping, you shouldn’t just run out to Wal-Mart and buy the first thing you see. They have put in many hours supporting you in this event, from traveling to errand-running to listening to you complain of cold feet or difficult future in-laws. Don’t do “generic” gifts; has a wide range of groomsmen gifts that may be personalized to show that you were thinking especially of them. Add a name, the wedding date or some special message that holds relevance between you and the recipient.

Gift for the Bride: This is a gesture (and expense) that most grooms aren’t aware of until the bride or mother-in-law fills them in on the expectations. Many men think that the engagement ring, wedding ring or just giving up bachelorhood is the “gift” to the bride; but, trust us; she won’t see it that way. And, she’ll be giving you a wedding gift, so you’ll feel like a real heal if you don’t have something equally impressive for her. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a gift for the bride from the groom. However, it should be something sentimental, meaningful and given from your heart. A vacuum cleaner or gift card to the local bar and grill won’t cut it, but a nice personalized gift like a locket or engraved Mr. & Mrs. picture frame bearing a sweet photo of the two of you will!

The Honeymoon: In the past, the groom would plan and pay for they honeymoon, but these are not steadfast rules in today’s culture. However, it is a great gesture to offer to take on the task of planning your getaway so the bride can be freed up to tackle other wedding-planning tasks. Unless she is game for a “surprise” honeymoon (which I doubt she would be), it is best to sit down and talk about expectations for budget, location and length before you actually plunk down money on plane tickets, a cruise, a resort suite, day excursions or other honeymoon expenses. Also, get ready for the trip with some of the practical personalized travel items from such as Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags and leather passport holders.