A Dream Come True, JFK Cigar Box

If youÍve ever watched the hit History Channel show, ñPawn Stars," youÍve no doubt seen the random parade of memorabilia, paraphernalia and just plain junk that comes rolling in. I love to sit back and watch this colorful reality show that centers on the real-life pawn business ñGold & Silver Pawn Shop,î now a popular landmark on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Folks from all walks of life haul in their antiquities, artifacts and, er . . . well, junk and negotiate with the savvy three-generational pawn shop owners, grandfather Richard, son Rick and grandson Corey.

It seems like old firearms are popular as are vintage toys, so is anything that has a bit of history attached to it. Just imagine the cool calm that had to be kept when a cigar box alleged to be owned by John F. Kennedy walked into the shop. Rick was nearly drooling all over this piece of presidential history, ñItÍs just one of those things I can only dream about,î he said. The cigar box was an artifact that actually sat on KennedyÍs desk in the Oval Office, and upon inspection, Rick realized it actually still had a few of KennedyÍs unsmoked cigars stashed inside. These were probably cigars that the commander-in-chief had picked out himself. There was no way Rick was letting this cigar box walk out the door!

So let the negotiations begin! A whopping $95,000 was the asking price for the cigar box, but after the expected back-and-forth negotiation and listening to RickÍs hemming and hawing, the seller accepted an offer of $60,000. For Rick, this was probably a great deal in light of the fact that in the 1990s, another JFK cigar box brought more than half a million at auction. DonÍt feel sorry for the seller, at least he had some pocket money to gamble with that night.

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