Smoke to infinity and beyond! Gigantic Cigar Sold for $185K

Do you and your groomsmen like cigars? I mean, really, really like cigars? If so, you may have just missed out on aquiring the granddaddy of all smokes – the Gran Habano #5 “El Gigante cigar.” It’s hard to believe that this 19-foot bad boy with a 3-foot circumference is really rolled fermented tobacco because it looks strikingly similar to a timbered tree trunk being hauled out of the woods.

So how did this record-breaking cigar get discovered? Juan Panesso, owner of, based in Westchase, FL was approached by a private collector wanting to find a showpiece for his cigar collection. Panesso had heard stories of a super-sized stogie created to be a crowd-drawer at trade shows, but wasn’t sure if all the chatter was legit. At first, everyone he talked to thought he was crazy or the deal was fraudulent.

As he made phone inquiries and worked his network about the existence of this rumored cigar of mythical proportions, he found out it was the real deal and put the wheels into motion to broker the deal. In the end, the cigar sold for a bit under its estimated selling price of $200k, bringing in $185K from an undisclosed international buyer. Pasanno says the buyer preferred to remain anonymous but that it’s a name most people would recognize.

The cigar weighs 1,600 pounds, is packed with enough tobacco to fill 25,000 regular cigars, and is expected to cost $15,000 to ship overseas. Included in the price tag was a custom-designed wooden case for storage and travel.

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