The Japanese are just so inventive. From the car to the video game console, this clever country is always on the cutting edge of the next trend. ThatÍs why when we saw the commercial for the Professional Beer Foam Making Mug, they had us memorized at ñsuper gadget.î We just had to track one of these down.

By the sound of all the happy affirmations from the folks using the self-fizzing glass, the mug must be a real winner. From business men and college guys to a womenÍs get-together, it seems like everyone in Japan is having a grand ole time and enjoying, as they put it, ñjoys for all people.î

No batteries required on this product manufactured by Brando, simply flick the lever on top of the handle and a hammer on the bottom of the mug sends of the bubbles vigorously rising to the top. When the frothy, foamy head wears off, simply hit the lever again _ itÍs endless fun atop your beer. The print advertisement suggests that you will ñNot Only have fun, but also make your beer more delicious! Happy hour, party, BBQ, dining and gathering. Just get rid of all those trifles; let's have your private great fun time!!î How can you say no?!

Okay, so if these beer mugs are a little too novelty, too cheesy to give to your beer-guzzling buddies as groomsmen gifts, has plenty of other options to support the suds-loving guys in your wedding party. Really, you canÍt go wrong with a beer-inspired best man gift or groomsman gift; what guy doesnÍt practically live off the stuff?

Barware always makes a practical choice for groomsmen gifts; not only can glasses be used for drinking beer on the weekends or after work, they can also be used for a host of other beverages including soda, ice tea, or some wholesome milk. Our classic sports mug is a must-have for the man cave; fill with up to 12-ounces of brew (conveniently a can) and toast to good friends and good times. If you have a bigger thirst to quench, this traditional glass much also comes in a 25-ounce size _ no more running back and forth to the fridge and missing the big game, 25 ounces should keep you busy until the next commercial break!

For football enthusiasts, our NFL pint glasses are real winners! Featuring the classic silhouette of a traditional pint glass, these vessels are kicked up to epic proportions with an officially-licensed logo of the recipientÍs favorite professional football team. Once heÍs polished off his beer, heÍll find a surprise at the bottom of the glass _ a molded glass imprint of a football! Also, consider the custom glass football tumbler as an option for sporty groomsmen gifts; the unique shape and personalization is sure to make this one a favorite during football season and beyond.

Not all beer mugs are made from glass. Materials like pewter and ceramic are also frequently used to provide a distinctive look. For example, our personalized gunmetal medallion mug is made from pewter and keeps contents nice and icy cold. Plus, the center medallion can be engraved with the recipientÍs name to create a lasting keepsake from your wedding. If youÍd like to honor each guyÍs specific interests, a ceramic beer mug featuring a bold graphic on the front will make any man toast to your fine taste. Designs in nearly early every hobby, pastime, sport and diversion can be found at Cheers!