Stay Calm and Carry On at the Wedding Ceremony

Grooms, even if you didnÍt have an ounce of worry or anxiety during the engagement process, things may feel much different at the wedding ceremony. I speak from experience when I say that the enormity of the actual wedding day will give even the most laid-back, happy-go-lucky guy heart palpitations . . . and this heart skipping is not caused by love for your betrothed (but, of course you adore her in every way) but is instead a by-product of the nerves, anxiety and worry that you may not have even realized were building up.

There are many real reasons to feel a bit nervous before walking down the aisle. First and foremost, the significance of the marriage covenant you are about to enter comes with a lot of commitments, duties and responsibilities that are new to a bachelor including 'for better or worse,' and 'to death do we part.' Wow, that is serious! But, even though it is a serious pledge, it is one that is well worth taking. Another reason for nerves is the mere fact that you're in the spotlight, family and friends from across the country, maybe even world, have convened to support you on this special day. For men who don't like the limelight, this can be a source of discomfort and agitation.

Nerves and butterflies are fine - they're a physical sign that you're mentally ready and eager. You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that's the trick. ~Steve Bull

So, if you are nervous, don't worry _ that would make it a vicious cycle! Instead, get the butterflies to fly in formation. Feeling a little anxious means that you are taking the momentous day seriously and are coming to a fuller understanding of the importance of this major life change. Remember, change IS the only thing you can count on in life, but change can be good.

If you are looking for some tips to remain calm on the big day, here are a few to consider:

  1. DonÍt go out and party the night before. Recovering from a hangover only worsens a case of nerves on the wedding day. Your head will be foggy and your body sluggish, this is no way to start off the most important day of your life. If such no-no occurs, keep an eco-friendly water canteen nearby for rehydration purposes, not an engraved flask _ those are for the bachelor party.
  2. Accept the fact that it is normal to be nervous. ItÍs how you channel your energy that counts. Running and screaming out of the chapel is not a mature option. However, giving permission to feel a little jittery will help the butterflies fly away more quickly.
  3. Realize that the bride is probably nervous too. Instead of selfish worry for yourself, think of your about-to-be new wife. What do you love about her the most? How does she make you laugh? Think about the expression on her face when she says 'I do,' and then later opens the beautiful bride gift that youÍve selected.
  4. Remember that your family and friends love you and have travelled to be with you in support, not in judgment.
  5. Rely on the friendships of your groomsmen to help lighten the mood while you wait for you call to the aisle. They'll always know how to take your mind off worry and lighten the load. For this, they deserve extra-special engraved groomsmen gifts.
  6. Know that if you flub up your words at the altar, the priest only has to know your intent. And, if the 'mess up' is that bad, you and the bride can always return to the minister the next day for a private 're-do.'

So, don't worry, be happy! You are getting married and that has been the whole end goal of this engagement process you've been in for the last year give or take. Once the minister pronounces you 'man and wife,' you have crossed the proverbial finish line and can relax even more and take in all the feelings of the experience. The reception is waiting and so is the honeymoon and opening all the wedding gifts. There is no need to worry, you just married the most wonderful girl in the world!