In the quest for a nice pint glass of beer that would never need refilling, I Googled the search terms ñnever ending beer mug.î Unfortunately for my easy to nauseate constitution, the first link I clicked through was a video of a completely wasted guy drinking about half of his pint glass and then puking it back up into the mug. Over and over again. You will be spared the disgustingness of having to view this on the blog, but it you are compelled to seek it out yourself, itÍs a free world. Belch.

Finally, after a littler more searching, I found what might be the solution to my desire to drink beer through an entire football game without ever having to get up and grab another. Now this is quite possible the ultimate gift for the groom. Some beer-loving dudes actually came up with a product called the Bottoms Up beer dispenser that will be your perpetual bar maid from the comfort and convenience of your home. Some might call it slothful to not want to get up out of an easy-boy chair, but I call it oh-so-very smart to have my glass continuously filled as I set it back down on the table. Check out the video of the contraption being put together and demonstrated:

So, what do you think about this invention? It works thanks to a hole in the bottom of your cup. Wait, what? A hole in the bottom of your pint glass? Well, the hole is sealed with a magnet and when you place the specially designed cup on the beer dispenser, it breaks the seal, and fills the glass from the bottom up. That's right. In theory, you could fill up your beer mug and walk away to some other area of the house or just sit there and take a sip, set it down, watch it refill, pick it up, and never get thirsty again. Imagine the reaction if you presented these as creative groomsmen gifts? One flaw; the wives, brides-to-be or significant others of your buddies may eventually start complaining about the big keg defiling the d_cor in the living room.

Now, itÍs hard to believe that the inventors expect to release the product this month (March 2013) with a price tag of $1,149. Looks like itÍs made with a bunch of old stuff found piling up in the garage. And, no this hefty price tag does not include never-ending beer. Actually buying the beer is up to you. According to my rough calculations, you could hire some neighborhood kid for $5/hour to come over to your house and shuttle beer back and forth from the fridge for a four hour shift every weekend of the year! This covers all the sports seasons (basketball, football, baseball _ you name it) and youÍd still have a little money left over the beer fund too!

If you canÍt live the dream and purchase the never-ending beer machine, you can still enjoy your favorite brew in a big way. A jumbo-sized monster beer mug will do the job. Get a personalized beer mug that holds two pints (32 ounces) and you wonÍt miss a game-defining play or clever commercial until you have to get up and visit the facilities (and afterwards, you can run by the kitchen for a refill). Another idea for groomsmen gifts? The Joe Six-Pack Belt literally straps on six cans of brew around the mid-section of your favorite suds-sucker so heÍll never be without.

So, what is your hydration plan when it comes to watching sports games? Do you keep a cooler by the TV? Do you run back and forth to the fridge? Do your drink out of super-sized mugs? Let us know in the comments below.