Beard or No Beard, That is the Question

Thinking of wearing a beard on your Big Day? You’re not alone in this fascination for facial hair; beards seem to be enjoying a revival of sorts. Beards, it’s said, are making a comeback and is behind a guy’s choice to wear or not wear facial hair. The furry face look is found on hipsters, folksy musicians and even celebrities -- Brad Pitt wears that goat-like beard with no apologies. More often than not, these beards are sported Sasquatch-style, the days of the subtle five-o’clock shadow has come and gone. Even the once clean-shaven star, George Cooney, was spotted recently at the Oscars sporting a silvery beard.

So what’s behind this fad that’s covering handsome chins and cheeks with wild and wooly whiskers? Some say its Man rebelling against corporate conformity other’s say it’s guys embracing a whole new “retrosexuality.” Before you either start sprouting whiskers or shaving them off, here are some hairy issues to take into consideration:


Sun Protection: Wearing a beard is especially handy if you are planning a tropical honeymoon. No need to shave, you’ll already have that man-deserted-on-an-island look. Some research has even indicated that beard-wearers live longer because they have a lower incidence of skin cancer on their faces. With this in mind, perhaps you should stop waxing your back.

Warmth: While man has evolved from our hairier ancestors, you can’t deny the fact that wearing a beard is like wearing a ski mask over your face. It’s provides a level of insulation that can keep frost-bite away and if especially long can even be wrapped around the neck like a scarf. Also, a beard will keep moisture locked in, meaning skin stays actually quite baby soft under there.

Save Time and Resources: Even the shaggiest beards will require some grooming. But, over a lifetime, the hours saved from the daily grind of lathering up and shaving count up to be weeks or months that you could be spending doing something much more interesting (although using a fancy shave set makes the chore much more tolerable). Aside from saving time grooming, growing a beard also prevents 5 gallons of water going down the drain each day – that saves both the planet and the bills in all you guys’ wallets and money clips.


Backlash from the Bride: Your betrothed may not be as impressed by your ability to grow hair and may start issuing ultimatums so that your “don’t mess up the wedding photos.” She’s sure to tell you that if you wear a beard, it sets a precedent for all the groomsmen to “go all ZZ Top” and embarrass her in front of her family and friends. You say, “Don’t worry, honey. I got them all retro shave sets as groomsmen gifts and we’re taking them off after the bachelor party.” That’s a reasonable compromise.

Suspicion in the Eyes of Bride’s Family: Even if your fiancée is embracing the beard wholeheartedly and not even complaining when you make out, her love alone may not be enough to win over her family. With a beard, her extended family and friends, those you don’t know very well like Great Aunt Edna and her BFF from church camp, may find the look a little off-putting – or worse. Heck, with a big, bushy beard you could be some sort of wacko survivalist, pot-smoking hippie or hardened criminal.

Hygiene: Let’s face it, with a beard there is always beard hair in your food and food on your beard hair. It’s a no-win situation. There’s a reason why beards are nicknamed crumb-catchers, soup moppers and food savers. And, if you stop taking care of your beard with shampoo, conditioner and grooming implements, you could be mistaken for a homeless person when you stop to enjoy the day on a park bench.

So, what’s a guy to do? Ultimately it comes down to personal choice and sometimes compromise. Let us know if you’ll be wearing whiskers to the wedding in the comment section below.