Mixing Drinks with Speed and Cocktail Shakers

There are many skills a guy should have and one of the most essential is being able to mix up a mean drink. Most men pick up this absolute must-have ability during their bachelorhood, such as in college or in the early work years. Nothing imparts sophisticated swagger and attracts the women more than being able to mix up a wide range of adult beverages. It’s a win-win; not only are drinks made, but women are met! Perhaps it’s even how you charmed your significant other!

Making one drink at a time is just fine, but making multiples is even better. Whipping up loads of libations will make you the host with the most when inviting family over for a dinner party, putting on poker night, or having the guys over to watch the big game. It’s always a nice touch to make drinks for your fiancé or new bride when she has the girls over for book club, bunko or baby showers. You’ll seem like the most handsome, charming and useful boyfriend/fiancé/husband ever to live!

A guy who really wants to improve his drink-making speed should take lessons from Sheldon Wiley, a mixologist from New York City. This wizard behind the bar recent set a Guinness World Record for the most cocktails made in one hour. If you think he made about a hundred (which would be well over one per second), think again. This lightening-speed spigot slinger made 1003 cocktails within one hour to break the previous achievement of 937. And, no, it’s not solely about speed. The bartender said that he also “wanted exemplify the integrity and craft of cocktails.

According to regulations, and confirmed by an on-site Guinness adjudicator, the drinks had to be make one at a time and include a minimum of three ingredients. Wiley to his craft seriously and went above and beyond the requirements, making all of his drinks with four ingredients. Dozens of fruit juices, eight vodka flavors, and an assortment of gourmet flavored syrups were the tasty tools in his rainbow-colored arsenal of beverage making.

We don’t even think he had a brigade of barkeeps on hand to uncork bottles and provide clean glasses. This superlative server was flying solo! And talking about glasses, he must have exhausted the establishment’s entire supply of barware, from pilsners to beer mugs and martini glasses to shooters. But, surely there were plenty of volunteers to help consume the drinks at the end.

We wonder if he had enough time to use a cocktail shaker like Tom Cruise in the 1988 movie, Cocktail ? A cocktail shaker is the classic way to both blend and chill ingredients for a drink at the same time. Thanks to the ice inside and metal exterior, the contents become icy cold after being shaken and strained into the barware of choice. Probably the most iconic drink to be whipped up in a cocktail shaker is the martini – shaken, not stirred, of course!

A cocktail shaker makes a unique choice in groomsmen gifts, gifts for the groom, or special presents for men who fancy themselves master mixologists. From the classic shaker to the novelty shaker (like our penguin cocktail shaker), one of these groomsmen gifts will sit like a symbol of style and sharp skill on a guy’s home bar. And, when in use, a cocktail shaker helps ensure that a drink is made with the finest craftsmanship – enjoy!

How many drinks do you think you could make in a hour? Have you ever used a cocktail shaker? For what drink recipe? Let us know below!