Best Man Duties on the Wedding Day

While being the Best Man isn’t necessarily a hard job by any means, there are a few responsibilities a guy needs to follow through with in order to keep the title bestowed upon him after the wedding. No groom wants in the hard position of having to demote his Best Man for failing to live up to the minimal “must-dos.”

Last month we talked about what the Best Man should expect to do in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding. For the most part, this includes planning and executing a bachelor party, getting fitted for formal wear, attending the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (sometimes a toast is required), and taking care of any pre-wedding errands the grooms might need help with.

The actual day of the wedding ceremony is also filled with easy obligations for the Best Man. If you are getting weary of all this wedding stuff; don’t worry, by the end of the night, but bulk of your to-do list will be marked off. Here are some key tasks you should plan on assisting with on the big day. Remember, many of these may not be assigned to you officially by the groom. The groom is stressed to the max and it is your job to help make sure that he is taken care of! This leads us to the roles you’ll be playing on the wedding day:

Personal Assistant. Just think of those A-list celebrities who have a lackey to run around after them and tend to all the little (and big) situations that may come up. For example, does the groom have his tux? The marriage license? The wedding ring? You might have to run back to his apartment to pick up his razor or the groomsmen gifts he left behind. Or, maybe his great aunt accidentally barreled through the flower beds outside the church in her big Cadillac. Assure him every wedding has a snafu or two that happens, and then dash off to take care of the crisis at hand.

Travel Agent: Ask the groom if you can help him take care of his honeymoon last-minute plans. It would really take a load off by confirming the flight reservations and pre-printing his boarding passes that morning. Make sure the groom has whatever he needs to head straight from the reception to the honeymoon – he may not get a chance to drop by is house beforehand. We’re talking about stuff like luggage (with personalized luggage tags), tickets, cameras and passport case all get put in the car. Also, a nice gesture, make sure is gas tank is topped off!

Support-Giver & Sounding Board: It surely comes as no news, that many grooms get the proverbial “cold feet” right before the wedding. Even those guys who were never nervous about the nuptials during the engagement may start to have palpitation about leaving bachelorhood behind. Just remind the groom that he’s picked the love of his life and that the nerves are normal – it’s just a little passing anxiety about change and also being “on display.” Do NOT tell him he is ruining his life, if you feel the marriage is a mistake, your feelings should have been shared a long, long time ago.

Groomsmen & Usher Shepherd: Without as many responsibilities, the groomsmen and ushers can often fall way to partying and having a good time instead of focusing on the significance of the event.. Hours before the ceremony starts, make sure that all the groomsmen have been accounted for, have their tuxedos in hand, and have a reliable ride to the church. As the groom’s party convenes before the ceremony, you’ll likely be the one responsible for handing out the boutonnieres and stealing away the groomsmen flasks.

Ceremonial Sidekick: Traditionally, the Best Man walks in with the groom, but sometimes he also escorts the Maid of Honor. The actual wedding processional varies by the faith and formality of the ceremony. You’ll also be in charge of the wedding ring (unless there is a cute little ring bearer – and then you’ll be in charge of him). And, sealing the deal into the public records, you’ll most likely be asked to sign your name as a witness on the wedding license.

So what part of the best man responsibilities are you looking forward to the most?