Personalized Money Clip

The search for the perfect groomsmen gifts has plagued about-to-be-married guys since the beginning of time.

At Groomstand we have been supplying proud American and Canadian groomsmen with gifts since the late 90's and we have a good handle on what the most popular gifts are and what you should engrave on them. But why are personalized gifts the best? Here are some of the reasons our customers and their friends come back to Groomstand time and time again.

Here are the top reasons we believe getting your gifts monogrammed is the way to go for your groomsmen or bridal party








No 1. Engraving of quality gifts lasts a lifetime.

The benefit to you is the person you are giving the gift to will think of you and your lovely bride on your special day for ever and if the gift is something used daily then even better. This we believe is PRICELESS. Memories and friendships last a lifetime and are the most valuable thing in our lives. Personalized groomsmen gifts are the gift that keeps on giving.

No 2. Personalized Gifts are affordable.

Guys it doesn't have to be expensive to be priceless. We have a huge range of personalized wedding gifts for groomsmen and they range in price and are so very affordable. One of the popular ones we get often are personalized key chains cufflinks & money clips. These makes excellent gifts and are highly valued by the person receiving them. Another popular one are whiskey decanters as shown below























No 3. FREE ENGRAVING. Let us do the hard work and get the engraving down for you. Its free to get the engraving
done at Groomstand and we are experts at it.

This saves you time and money and all those hassles with taking the gifts to the jewelry store, paying too much, and then having to drive back and collect the gifts again. Parking hassles, fuel and time plus you have other more important things to worry about!

No 4. Middle Name Guessing

It’s so much fun to give your buddies a personalized gift, it’s the perfect way to finally find out his middle name and torture him endlessly about it. If he’s held it an impenetrable secret for all these years, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call his mom. She’ll be happy to fill you in with the details of that special moniker, be it Mortimer, Ashley or Rufus.
















No 5. Personal Property Marking

Your groomsmen won't lose their gifts!
Any guy who has lived with a bunch of guys in a frat house-like setting will concur that it’s nice to have things that don’t need to be shared. Giving your wedding wingmen groomsmen gifts that are personalized with their names helps mark personal property with an unspoken “hands-off” sentiment. For example, there will now be no confusion about who the razor and badger brush belongs to when it has been so obviously monogrammed on the handle.























Beverage Identifying:
There is nothing more annoying (and kinda germy) than setting your drink down and then having someone else pick it up and start sipping it by mistake. These guzzling gaffes happen in direct correlation to the number of guys around and number of drinks that have been consumed. When you give each friend a personalized beer mug or engraved flask there will be no more worries about whose booze is whose.

























Girl Getting:
Help your wingmen get a girl of their own with personalized groomsmen gifts that kick up their style. Engraved cufflinks are the hottest item in town, seen on the cuffs of every swaggering celebrity around. Pick out a pair that suit his personality, from silver round cufflinks with a traditional monogram to novelty cufflinks that add an edgy vibe to his ensemble. The guys will love them, and so will the girls!





















Live Saving: For those outdoor guys who are always seeking the next thrill of nature, giving a personalized groomsmen gift can be a life saver – literally. An engraved pocket knife or multifunction tool can help a man get out of so many uncertain situations, like fileting dinner, cutting a tourniquet, or even just popping the top off a beer. Plus, and this sounds morbid, if he is ever found in a state of distress, the initials or name on a personalized pocket knife can help rescuers determine his identity.

So, if you’re a groom who is looking for a useful and unique way to thank your wedding attendants, personalized groomsmen gifts are the best choice. You’ve come to the right place; is the go-to source for engraved groomsmen gifts, best man gifts, usher gifts, and other personalized gifts for the important members of your wedding party. Get ready, get set, make a mark!

Well, maybe the problem doesn’t date back that far. Probably, just making it to the next meal was a good-enough prehistoric present for the entire wedding party. But today, these guys who are going to plan your hopefully awesome bachelor party, stand around in a fussy suit or tuxedo on the wedding day, usher the geriatric female guests to their seats really deserve a special token of your appreciations. One of the best ways to show that you are thinking specifically of that person is to give a personalized groomsmen gift. While each of the groomsmen gifts will be alike (such as a groomsman flasks, engraved cufflinks or pocket knives), each will also be as unique as the recipient thanks to the addition of a name, monogram, or initial letter engraved on the gift. There are numerous other reasons why it makes perfect sense to give personalized gifts for groomsmen, here are a few: