Best Man Responsibilities: Pre-wedding Day

Your best buddy has confirmed the feeling is mutual in the most ultimate way. HeÍs asked you to serve as his wingman on the most important day of his life, his wedding day. Even though this is the same friend who has run interference with your ex-girlfriend, bailed you out of so many mishaps and would even share his last swig in a flask with you, you still have your concerns about saying ñyesî to this best man proposition. But donÍt worry; being a best man isnÍt hard, definitely not as stressful as being the groom! If you know what the job entails and the subtleties of getting each task done with finesse, youÍll probably be the ñbestî best man ever! How could you not?! Make sure you do a top-notch job so you donÍt get one of those awesome groomsmen gifts revoked.

Bachelor Party Planner: The groom is counting on his special night to let loose one last time with his friends. With that in mind, itÍs the best manÍs responsibility to plan a shindig that legends are made of. DonÍt plan in for yourself. Instead, take the groomÍs personality and requests into mind. If he doesnÍt want a booze-and-breast fest, respect his desire to bypass a bacchanal blowout. Consider his hobbies and how you can weave them into this special celebration. For example, does he like to golf? Fish? Watch his favorite football team battle it out on the gridiron? All of these activities can be the impetus for an interesting and entertaining bachelor party.

Wedding Attire Wearer: Even if you donÍt like what the groom (or often the bride) has picked out, you have to smile and sport it with style. Be prepared for the fact that you may have to purchase or rent your own attire; that is at the discretion of the groom. If the topic is brought up, assume youÍre paying. Or, just ask. YouÍll also need to make sure all the other groomsmen are on board with the wedding attire and have made their fitting appointments. Offer to pick up all the tuxes a day or two before the wedding and also return the groomÍs tux while heÍs away on the honeymoon. DonÍt forget to punctuate your shirtsleeves with personalized cufflinks for that ultra-dashing image.

Errand Runner: In addition to picking up the tuxedos, you can be other ways to help out the groom as he starts to get busy, nervous, freaked out about getting hitched. He may need you to swing by the airport and pick up Aunt Martha or take his dog to the kennel in preparation for the honeymoon. He may even ask you for advice on picking out groomsmen gifts for the other guys and something sentimental to give as a gift for the bride.

Wedding Rehearsal Participant: YouÍre not just an attendant at the wedding rehearsal; youÍre a participant _ so show up on time! YouÍll be walked through your responsibilities for the next day, especially where to usher guests, where to stand at the altar, and so on. Yes, itÍs dull, but it will be over within the hour.

Rehearsal Dinner Charmer: Even though you may not feel like schmoozing with a whole bunch of the bride and groomÍs relatives you donÍt know, itÍs your job to be a model of manners at the rehearsal dinner. Meet and greet everyone you havenÍt met yet; these folks are soon to become part of your buddyÍs family. Who knows, you may even have a future with that cute bridesmaid. During the dinner, there may some toasting and roasting of the couple. Feel free to join in, but keep it short and save your standing-ovation-worthy speech for the wedding reception. If you need help writing a speech for the rehearsal (or actual wedding), the wordsmiths at can expertly craft a toast that will captures your sentiments and personality.

What are you looking forward to MOST about being the best man? What do you think will be the most CHALLENGING duty? Let us know in the comments below.