If you’re recently engaged, the bride may have already started the hand-on-hip, saccharine-coated, finger-waving accusation, “You need to be more involved in the wedding planning, honey.” But, honestly, these details can be a little too fussy and detail-oriented for most of us guys. We have a brilliant way for you to get out of the chore without being booted out of the door. Suggest some of the craziest, wackiest ideas for a wedding that you’ve ever heard of and she’ll quickly stop insisting you help out. It’s genius, and all you’ll have to do in the end is pick out the tuxedos and groomsmen gifts.

Get married naked. Nothing wrong with hanging out in your birthday suits, actually it’s quite enjoyable in the privacy of your own bedroom. So why not take this notion for nudity one step further and get married sans clothing! One free-spirited couple did such a thing, getting hitched wearing nothing but wedding rings, a “painted on” dress, and a strategically placed bridal bouquet.

Take the plunge, literally. If you consider yourselves a couple into extreme sports, exchanging your wedding vows is just so boring at a chapel or the county court house. Start off this new stage in life by jumping off a bridge, bungee-jumping your way to a lifetime of bliss. After doing just that, one pair of newlyweds in the UK wowed guests with a sit-down breakfast that had everyone strapped down into chairs while floating on a platform hung 160 feet in the air.

Get a gazillion groomsmen. Show the bride that you’re into this wedding thing by organizing a super-sized squadron of wedding attendants. We’re not sure what the Guinness World Record is for the most groomsmen in a single wedding, but we know that it’s 110 gals for bridesmaids. Yes, you’ll have to buy a lot of groomsmen gifts, but isn’t it worth it to bring together all of the friends you’ve had in your entire lifetime.

Say “I do” to a side of fries with your bride. Fast-food loving couples have been getting hitched in their favorite burger, taco and chicken joints for years, but it seems to be getting more popular – maybe it’s the terrible economy, or just an artery-clogging attraction. In Hong Kong, McDonald’s actually markets a “McWedding” service where for about $400 US you get a package that includes the ceremony, reception, wedding cake and catering for 100 guests. I’m lovin’ it . . . but not sure if your bride will be!

Exchange homemade wedding rings. Save the planet and a buck in the process by skipping the big diamond engagement ring and gold wedding bands. My brother actually made a pair of wedding rings, one for himself and one for his new wife, from a quarter. So, in the end, he was just out 50 cents and a little elbow grease. Do you think your bride to be would go for a homemade quarter wedding ring, why not find out?

In the comments below, let us know the most unusual wedding ideas you’ve heard. Would your bride be on-board, or totally say “no way”!