Money Clips, Credit Cards and Paying Incidentals on the Fly

Money clips have long been a popular choice in groomsmen gifts. This quintessential menÍs accessory carries a certain cach_ and that cach_ is cash! If you are planning to give your wedding attendants a money clip, itÍs still an excellent choice in gifts for groomsmen. But, of course, youÍll want to take into consideration all the other financial tools a man has to carry around on a daily basis, specifically a bunch of credit cards. Today, more than ever, credit cards are the primary means for transacting money. Payments traditionally only made with cash can now be made available on credit cards, thanks in large part to technological advancements in the industry. Companies such as Square, Intuit and PayPal have been marketing small credit card readers that fit on the top of smartphones and this has expanded the number of vendors that can accept plastic payments.

So does this affect the groom and his groomsmen? You betcha, youÍll be surprised at how many ways credit cards can now be used to pay for incidentals that might come up during the bachelor party, wedding weekend, honeymoon and beyond. So, if you are planning to give money clips as best man gifts, groomsmen gifts, and even as a gift for yourself, make sure that you pick a style that also has room to carry your MasterCard, Visa, American Express or what have you. Here are some interesting ways to use your money clip or wallet on wedding related purchases:


Pay parking meters. Many big cities are using credit card readers with their parking meters. No longer will you have to worry about rummaging up change to feed the meter when you need to run downtown to attend to those wedding-related errands like picking up the marriage license, passports, or tuxedos. Not only is it easier for you, itÍs easier for the city that now doesnÍt have to hire employees to handle the physical cash.


Post bond. If the bachelor party reached the tipping point of inebriation, you and the guys would decide it wasnÍt a good idea to drive home. Taxis would be called, but if your cars were left on the street and penalized with a traffic ticket you have new options. Certain cities will now let you use a credit card as collateral on this type of ticket and other minor traffic violations. Some municipalities will even let you post bail to get out of jail with a credit card. Make sure those credit cards are organized and ready to go in one of our money and card holders or leather wallets; they are great mens gift ideas for nearly every event.


Do a good turn. Feeling like life is going so well that you better pay it forward to keep the good karma going? You can now whip your credit card out of your wallet and make a donation at a Salvation Army kettle or purchase Girl Scout cookies at your front door. No more fishing around for the exact change.


Purchase Vending Snacks. Are you running wedding planning errands with the bride and itÍs taking forever? If hunger strikes while you are waiting for her to try on shoes or pick out flowers, you can now hit the nearest vending machine and pay with plastic. Likewise, if you and the guys are making a connection at the airport after a Vegas weeked and donÍt have time for the food court, you can load up on Snickers, sodas and other snacks to keep you energized.


Are you looking at leather wallets or money clips to give as groomsmen gifts? The average guy holds 3.5 credit cards in his name, how about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.