Okay, this British guy, Tome Fletcher, has made it really tough for all of the future grooms out there. As the lead singer and songwriter for the popular European band, Mcfly, Fletcher admitted to the wedding guests that he wasnÍt any good at making speeches, but he did know a thing or two about crafting a tune. So, cleverly, he gave his toast in the form of a ballad and, of course, uploaded it to YouTube like any other 20-something creative guy would do. Entitled, ñMy Wedding Speech,î the video performance has gone completely viral and shot up to about 8 million views in just one week.


Most viral videos seem to be mainly of meathead guys doing stupid and silly stuff. But, this groomÍs video puts a heartfelt and sweetly romantic spin on the wedding toast. IÍve written a groomÍs toast in my day, but this groomÍs speech is really, really good _ and heÍs singing it! Starting with a light-hearted ditty that soon turns sentimental, Fletcher thanks everyone involved in the wedding day including his ushers and groomsmen, the bridesmaids, his sister and new sister-in-law, both sets of parents and finally to the bride, Giovanna. Warning, itÍs a long video (like 15 minutes!) but well worth the watch. Also, if you get choked up easily, youÍll want to keep a box of tissue nearby. WeÍre pretty sure that after viewing, youÍll get a few ideas for your own time at the podium during the wedding reception.


If you are planning to give a wedding toast as the groom, here is the rough game plan. Follow the suggestions below, but make it your own and youÍll be just fine up there.


First, as a collective, thank the guests from near and far for attending and how much their love and support means to you. Next, youÍll want to talk about the bride and all her splendidness; she is after all now your official wife. You want the guests and her family to know just how much you love her and that sheÍs made all your dreams come true. And, regarding the bride; donÍt ever, ever say anything embarrassing about her or make any salacious illusions. SheÍll freeze you out on the wedding night; that is, if she doesnÍt kill you right then and there.


YouÍll also want to thank the in-laws for parenting such a wonderful girl and for (most likely) footing the bill for the glorious celebration. Refrain from humor, sarcasm, questionable stories and other risky dialogue. Sincerity is the only way to go when it comes to addressing your new in-laws. YouÍll also want to briefly thank your own parents, but not in a way that overshadows the brideÍs mom and dad. But enough to let them know how special they are to you on this milestone day of your life. If you didnÍt make a toast to them at the rehearsal dinner the night before, you can lengthen this part of your speech.


A light-hearted and playful plug for the bridesmaids is always appreciated as well as thumbs up for any ring bears and flower girls who helped out. And, finally, the ñfunî part of the groomÍs toast is a little roasting and toasting of your best friends. Goodness knows theyÍre going to do it to you! Just keep it G rated, please! YouÍll also want to have lined up unique groomsmen gifts to give your buddies as a tangible thank you for their support. https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand has nearly every type of groomsmen gift you can imagine including sports gifts, personalized flasks, money clips and numerous other man gifts. YouÍll certainly find groomsmen gift ideas that will please the varied personalities of your friends.


Finally, speak to your bride directly again, and seal the deal again with a sweet kiss; the crowd always likes this. DonÍt worry if you seem a little nervous or choked up. Unlike in business, this peek into your sentimental side is viewed as a positive. Now, if youÍre totally stumped for ñhowî to say these words, you can always ask a trusted friend or family member to help you craft the words or you can hire a professional service such as ThePerfectToast.com.


Let us know! Have you written your groomÍs toast yet? Would you consider hiring a professional to do it for you? WhatÍs the most embarrassing thing youÍve ever heard a groom say in his speech? Prying minds want to know. Answer any or all of these questions in the comment section below.