Raise the Bar at Your Reception

Grooms, you can leave all the frilly, girly decision for the bride. Really, who cares about the exact meaning certain flowers connote, if the canap_s should be served with a cocktail fork, or what style of bridesmaid dress would best suit a wide range of body types? Most grooms we know primarily concerned with what beverage is going to be served at the reception (as well as at the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner and groomÍs waiting room). If your lovely bride-to-be has appointed herself the decision-maker of every wedding detail, make sure you speak up and let her know what you think about the drinks _ or forever hold your peace. The drinks, just like every other aspect of the wedding, reflects to your guests a personal style that youÍll want to have a say in. Otherwise, you may end up with skinny margaritas, sangria, hibiscus iced tea or some other ladylike libation.


Beer: As one of the oldest beverages humans have ever produced (dating back to the 5th century), beer is also one of them most consumed drinks in the world coming in third behind water and tea. Adding beer to your reception bar is a no-frills and accommodating way to speak to the other men folk there. The groomsmen, fraternity brothers, and those good-ole-boys you met at that summer job for a housing contractor will all appreciate having an icy cold beer to enjoy after suffering _ er, sitting, through the wedding ceremony. If the bride wants to put a fancier spin on the suds, you call always offer premium imported beers in the bottle along with that no-fail keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon. At https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand, we stock a fine assortment of beer-related groomsmen gifts including personalized beer mugs that will be used with your good taste in mind for years to come.


Champagne and Wine: Even if itÍs not being served at an open bar, many wedding receptions served each guest a glass of champagne when itÍs time for the wedding toasts to commence. If youÍre looking for wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom, a pair of champagne toasting glasses that can be personalized with an initial makes a thoughtful gesture. They can even be brought out every year to share a bottle of bubbly on the wedding anniversary. If you are serving champagne for the toasting portion of your wedding, consider offering sparkling water or sparkling fruit juices to children and those guests who choose not to drink alcohol. Wine is popular libation served at wedding receptions; the history of letting the vino flow in marriage celebrations is literally biblical. You may choose to serve either red wine or white wine based on the type of entr_e you are serving for dinner, or you could even make an ñeventî by offering a wine-tasting bar that serves small portions for guests to taste. This idea actually can help reduce your wine tab as people will often stop after several different small servings and tend not to leave unconsumed glasses behind.


Cocktails and Signature Drinks: Some grooms like to offer a full open bar for their guests. This is an option, but often an expensive undertaking stocking all the different libations or hiring a professional service. However, serving one ñsignature cocktailî can reflect your style and theme for the wedding while cutting down on expense by limiting the shopping list. For example, for a sophisticated, retro, Mad Men kind of wedding, you could serve martinis in the classic martini glass. Or, for a morning wedding you might choose to offer Bloody Marys or grapefruit and vodka. At https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand, we have all the appropriate barware to serve different drinks in. ThatÍs good news for your wedding style and for giving as gifts for groomsmen. IÍm sure the guys would love to go home from your shindig with a set of personalized shooter glasses, beer mugs, or even groomsmen flasks.


Have you started thinking about what youÍll serve drink-wise at your wedding reception? Do tell, do tell! Let us know how youÍll drink and make merry in the comment section below.