Although many say the wedding is the “bride’s day,” most wedding receptions do take into consideration the groom. After all, isn’t food and drink a specialty of men?! Brides like to fuss and fret about many of the “visual” elements of the wedding, such as the dress, the flowers and the venue. However, men seem to be more interested in expressing their opinions on matters of “tastes”! Here are some areas that the groom should put in his two cents worth before the bride takes over:

Reception Food: It may seem hard to reach a menu decision when the bride prefers delicate spa food while the groom prefers barbeque. Ultimately, many of the food choices are tied to the atmosphere of the venue. However, the tastes of a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy can be catered to without upsetting the bride’s ideas too much by adding a steak plate for a sit down dinner or a prime-rib carving station at a buffet. Consider using a personalized steak brand (also a favorite pick in groomsmen gifts) to add a unique look to the wedding meal!

Drink: Serving beer at a wedding reception is a very popular choice with men. For causal events, serving beer in bottles or cans may be acceptable. You can even provide personalized koozies as wedding favors. However, at more formal affairs, beer can be tapped and poured into a “formal” beer mug such as a Ferdinand mug or a stemmed beer glass. Also on-trend at wedding receptions are scotch and whisky stations where guests can sample fine aged liquors in moderation. To serve these liquors in style, consider using our sophisticated shot glasses.

Groom’s Cake: Serving a groom’s cake at the wedding, alongside the classic wedding cake, is a tradition that began in the South. As an alternative to the typically white bride’s cake, the groom’s cake is often chocolate. For years, a chocolate cake with chocolate-covered strawberries was a top choice for obvious reasons. But, since the popularity of all the “cake” shows on reality television, the options for groom’s cakes are now only limited by the imagination. Many of these edible masterpieces are decorated to pay tribute to the groom’s favorite hobbies such as fishing, golf, or a particular sports team of choice.