Note to the groom and groomsmen, the bride and her bridesmaidÍs donÍt hold the exclusive right to set the tone and vibe for wedding day attire. Men, this is your time to speak up and get in on the ñnon-uniformî trend that is going on in weddings all over creation. For the past decade, non-matching attire has been acceptable wear for the bridesmaids, and now itÍs time for the guys to literally follow suit. A reasonable groom knows that not all men have the same personality; so why make all the groomsmen dress up in carbon copy? Give your buddies an intangible but oh-so welcomed groomsmen gift, the opportunity to be unique!

Today it is completely okay to mix and match the wedding attire for your groomsmen, but there are some ground rules to follow to keep ñstyleî from running amok. In order to prevent a hodge-podged posse of pals, you need to stick keep things somewhat related. For example, when it comes to suits, use the same color family but different cuts or vice-versa. Or, for accessories such as ties, go for ñthemesî such as all bright colors, all earthy colors, monochromatic colors, and so on. Here are some ideas on how you and your groomsmen can get in on the mix:

  • Mix up colors or styles of vests
  • Wear different novelty or engraved cufflinks
  • Mix up colors of ties in same pattern family (all polka dots, all plaids, all collegiate stripes)
  • Wear unique boutonnieres
  • Wear different hats in the same theme (fedoras, newsboy, cowboy)
  • Wear different suits but all in the same color
  • Wear socks in a theme, but each with a different pop of color (stripes, argyles, solids)
  • Wear unique striped or plaid shirts that work well together
  • Mix up footwear, each wears favorite pair of cowboy boots or skater shoes