It’s happened at almost every wedding I’ve ever attended – the intoxicated wedding guest. Whether it is a rowdy groomsmen or notoriously boozing uncle, there is always one guy (or gal) in the crowd that sees the open bar as his invitation to overindulge. Even if you are serving limited drinks at your wedding, you can still find yourself with a guest two sheets to the wind. Consider offering plenty of non-alcoholic libations to keep over-drinking at bay. Read on to find tips on handling a wedding guest that has had too much to drink.

Notify the wedding planner or venue coordinator immediately. This person is versed in hospitality issues of all kinds, good and bad, and most likely has experience handling an inebriated person. The groomsmen and bridesmaids can also help out a tanked guest of the respective gender.

Remove the drunken guest to a less crowded part of the party, from the back of the room to the lobby. If they need to lie down, many restrooms in nicer hotels have couches and lounges that will be out of pubic sight. This keeps the attention off the antics of the guest on rightfully on the bride and groom.

Offer the guest food and water. Getting a little food in the stomach can help to slow down the absorption of alcohol and water will help counterbalance dehydration. But don’t push him to gorge, it may backfire. Immediately escort the guest to the restroom if they appear to be nauseated. A bride is not going to be happy seeing her reception splattered with vomit.

Take the intoxicated guest’s car keys and try to find the people he or she came with, if applicable. Suggest the person call a taxi or stay overnight in the hotel. Hosts of the wedding should be aware that guests who cause a drunken accident after leaving the event can be held liable for damages, not just the driver.

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