Peanuts and crackerjack! A Montana manÍs wedding proposal nearly struck out at Wrigley Field in Chicago this summer. On July 30th, Greg and his girlfriend Erica headed out on a much-needed vacation with special plans to attend their first-ever Cubs baseball game. But watching baseball wasnÍt the only thing Greg had planned for the day. In razzle-dazzle style, he had called ahead to make arrangements for the Jumbotron to flash his marriage proposal during the fifth inning.

But, when the fateful time came, the scoreboard lit up with ñErica, will you marry me?î while the cameras flashed to the coupleÍs seats. But, the woman of the moment was nowhere to be found. Nowhere. Where, oh where, could she have wandered off too and, the bigger question, why did the prospective groom let her leave her seat knowing what was about to happen?! Apparently the girlfriend left to score some icy cold beers at the concessions window, leaving poor Eric to look like a jilted lover to the rest of the stadium. But we donÍt think he cared.

When she finally returned, the fieldÍs camera revisited the lovebirds and did capture Greg slipping the ring on her finger, while on bended knee and all. At first we wondered why he didnÍt make up an excuse to get her to stay. But, then we realized what was driving GregÍs patience and desire to marry this girl; sheÍs the one that makes the beer runs!

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