Looking for a unique idea for a bachelor party? Well, we were inspired by Pubcrawler, a pedal-powered bar out of Austin, Texas. Just grab a barstool and belly up to this mobile contraption, if you expect to actually go somewhere, like to the nearest pub, youÍll actually have to use some good old-fashioned foot power. Gather up 15 of your groomsmen and bachelor party guests and hit the roads, you can actually drink and peddle according to the cityÍs alcohol consumption guidelines _ the company limits guest to BYOB and only pony kegs, beer cans or home brew are allowed.

Now, there is an official driver that is provided by the company, heÍs in charge in case things get too crazy and is required for insurance purposes. Just imagine how hard it was to get insurance for this wild ride! There are 5 pedaling seats on each side of the vehicle with a 4 rear non-pedaling seats for the lazy (or passed out) guys in back. You bring the beer, the ice and also your own tunes; Pubcrawler is pimped out to blast your iPod playlist.

When you head out on a three-hour tour (a popular rental time), youÍll be filled with the ïKeep Austin WeirdÍ spirit. Whether you head through the live-music 6th street district or around the stateÍs capitol, youÍll have a sipping and sweating as you traverse from pub to pub. LetÍs just say youÍll attract plenty of attention too! If you are lucky enough to party down on the Pubcrawler, end the adventure with beer-themed groomsmen gifts. Personalized beer mugs with the name and date of the outing will be fondly used for years to come. Or, another idea in groomsmen gifts is to hook the guys up for the ride with a Joe six pack belt, so they can keep their precious beverage even closer to their hearts.

Not sure if other cities have hopped on the ïhops wagonÍ yet, but if they know beans about bachelors and beer, they should be signing up soon. Not a true invention of Austin, although this town who prides itself on uniqueness would like to think so; the beer bike originates from the always-up-for-a-good-time country of the Netherlands and has become popular (mainly with tourists) in many other European countries.