Sometimes the younger generation tends to act like they know everything; but, almost always, our grandparents and others in that generation tend to have some of the best advice. They’ve lived through many experiences, learned by trial and error and are a source of great wisdom. When it comes to marriage, those about to be married for the first time can only imagine what it would be like to live with someone day in and day out. But, those who have shared many anniversaries really know what the union is all about. These types of tips and pointers from older, wiser folks can really considered a gift for the groom and bride.

Take internet sensations, Selma and Kenny, who after nearly 72 years of wedded bliss shared their advice on marriage through a video they made for their grandson and his new bride. Talking frankly, teasingly and even arguing a bit, the older couple doles out their nuggets of wisdom and never expected the toast would go viral. This is probably the most touching and funny groom gift any guy received from his grandparents.

Their tips for a successful marriage include being good to one another and not bickering; a comical statement because they good-naturedly argued through the whole video. They also instruct to always go to bed together after fighting, because you’ll be so tired from arguing! Also, pick up after yourself, even if you make a mess unwittingly and keep the refrigerator stocked up "because you do not want to be hungry or starve” We think that Kenny probably had his own man cave. Selma also suggest travelling together, anywhere and everywhere; except maybe to Italy where they sunbathe topless – apparently Kenny had a little incident ogling a sunbathing beauty.

Really, the take away from the cute video is that, while marriage has ups and downs and a lot of monotony in the middle. If you stay light-hearted, don’t take things too seriously and acknowledge each person has flaws, and don’t obsess about perfection, you will succeed. To end the video, the couple shares a passionate kiss before breaking out into uncontrollable giggling. Sheez, you’d think they were teenagers.