The great thing about getting married in 2012 is that there are so many great trends to incorporate into your big day. No longer is the “perfect wedding” based on some cookie cutter ideal; instead, some of the most memorable weddings are those that show a little personal flair. Here are some great trends for wedding attire worn and accessories by the groom and other men in the wedding that will create a meaningful moment updated for today.

Alternative ties: No longer are the groom and his groomsmen expected to wear a black or white bow tie. Longer neck ties, in an array of colors, have become a modern touch with a tuxedo – add a tie clip. For gentlemen wearing suits or sports coasts, fun ties with colorful collegiate stripes or polka dots make a fun touch to the wedding day attire that can be easily coordinated with the colors of the bridesmaid dresses.

Unexpected boutonnières: For a unique touch, have the groomsmen wear boutonnières that each feature a different flower featured in the bridal bouquet. Or, have the same flower, but in different colors. Another, interesting choice would be to pin a simple green leaf or fern frond on the lapel for an eco-aware touch. Or, have them wear “medals of honor” pinned to the lapel on striped grosgrain ribbon.

Groomsmen gifts to wear: Give your guys groomsmen gifts they can wear on your big day and beyond. Of course, engraved cufflinks have always been a popular choice in best man gifts and are becoming increasingly in vogue to wear out on the town or to work. Giving colorful socks – think stripes or argyles – is a quirky choice in wearable groomsmen gifts. Just imagine how fun the wedding photos will be when, on cue, your ushers and groomsmen lift up their pant legs to show a pop of personality.