Groom trends, they come and go and such is the nature of trends! One year ruffled tuxedo shirts are all the rage, the next year they are an embarrassment. The next year it’s all about plaid bow ties, and quickly they’re passé. – pretty much a groom just does as the bride instructs, right? Well, no longer! One trend for grooms that we’d like to see stick around for good is the groom sticking up for himself in the wedding planning process and “getting his balls back” to put it less delicately. So basically, if you don’t want to take ballroom dancing lessons to get ready for the “first dance, you don’t have to. If you want to show up at the wedding with a 5 ‘o-clock shadow, you can! Here are other man-centric things we’d like to see more of this wedding season and beyond:

Less herb-crusted salmon, more steak. From filet to t-bone, any cut of beef has got to be better that a fussy little 3-ounce serving of fish. Trust us; no guy really wants to eat fish on the most important day of his life. Make the whole reception meat-fest even more awesome by serving of steak brands and other grilling items as gifts for the groomsmen.

Less mimosas, more scotch. The bride may double-insist on some sort of girly drink to be served at the wedding such as a mimosa, cosmopolitan or some other fruity concoction. Man up and say that you require a scotch bar for your peeps, complete with some really good aged stuff and monogrammed barware like these personalized double old-fashioneds, perfect for serving up a few fingers of the best stuff.

Less kumbaya male-bonding, more old-school bachelor parties. Say “No” to a guy’s getaway at the spa that your bride has conjured up for you and your buds under the premise of “I just want you all to look your best for the wedding.” Having your cuticles cut and nails buffed is no way to end your bachelorhood. Instead, a proper bachelor party with tons of booze, cigars and rowdy revelry is more appropriate for a guy with normal testosterone levels. If you're looking for groomsmen gifts for this type of outing, think on the terms of a personalized flask or engraved cigar case – both filled, of course!