StaycationWith the outrageous price of gas and air travel recently, the leader in groomsmen gifts, is finding that budget-minded men are opting to sell the ‘staycation’ honeymoon to their brides-to-be. If you can’t afford to foot the bill for some amazing beach holiday or European tour, there is no reason to skip the honeymoon – every new couple needs to bonding time to get marriage off on the right foot!

Instead, take a week or two off officially and visit your own hometown as if you were a tourist. If staying at home, don’t answer the phone or take emails, this is a special time with your new bride. Even better, try to book an inexpensive bed and breakfast or swap homes with a friend who lives in a hip and happening part of the city – like downtown, in the mountains or on the water. Considerate friends should be happy to oblige!

Since you’ll be saving thousands of dollars, go ahead and splurge on at least one meal at the fanciest place around. The rest of your agenda can be arranged just as if you were far away from home, seeing the local tourist attractions (you know, the ones you’ve taken for granted and never actually visited), shopping in quaint local shops and enjoying any outdoor activities your area may offer. Also, check out some new bars and restaurants; don’t just hang out in your favorite haunts. Also, you don’t need to be out and about every day, stay at home one day and lounge, watch movies and cook a gourmet dinner together – all without the stress and worry of having to get regular stuff done.

Traditionally, it is the man’s job to plan for the honeymoon -- a low-stress staycation honeymoon practically plans itself! To get the bride on board, tell her you are booking spa treatments as part of the experience. Plus, some great travel gifts would be in order too, even though you’re staying in town. If you’re looking for gifts for the bride from the groom, she’d love a tote bag personalized with her new initials or a cute cosmetic case to carry her girl gear in. As a matter of fact, more manly versions, such as a personalized duffel bag or toiletry bag,are must-haves for you and to give as groomsmen gift ideas.