Budget Friendly Groomsmen Gifts

Between the rumors of gas reaching 5 dollars a gallon by summer and the expensive tastes of the bride-to-be quickly draining the wedding budget, whatÍs a poor groom (literally) to do? YouÍve booked the wedding venue and sheÍs bought the dress, but now all those little essential ïextrasÍ are starting to add up. One of your remaining obligations is to purchase groomsmen gifts for the guys who will standing by your side on the big day. Even though most of your buds arenÍt expecting a gift, either they arenÍt aware of the tradition or just think itÍs a bit fussy; you donÍt want to skimp over this gesture of appreciation. The good news is finding great groomsmen gifts donÍt need mean youÍll have to sign-away your first born son into indentured servitude. Places like GroomStand.com offer plenty of inexpensive groomsmen gifts that look anything but cheap _ your friends will be impressed and your wallet wonÍt be stressed!

One of the easiest ways to transform an inexpensive groomsmen gift into a posh-looking purchase is to add a special personalization. Not only does this make a 20 dollar gift look like a 100 dollar gift, it also increases the sentimental value to the recipient exponentially. From embroidery and engraving to debossing and etching, there are many styles of making a special mark on your chosen gifts for groomsmen. Leather gifts such as wallets and money clips look luxurious when marked with the manÍs monogram. Barware, including beer mugs, can be engraved with a gentlemanÍs name, an event date or role he played in your wedding such as best man, groomsmen or ring bearer. Even a multi-function tool or pocket knife becomes a cut above the ordinary with a special personalization on the handle or case. At GroomStand.com personalization is always free on every item we carry.

So, donÍt let the worries of your wallet keep you from shopping for awesome groomsmen gifts. Groomstand.com has plenty of options, many even under 20 dollars, that make a grand gesture of generosity well beyond their actual cost.