Beer Flights Take Off

So many beers, so little time. Did you know that beer is the third most widely consumed beverage in the word over water and tea? The Chinese alone drink more than 45 billion liters a year! From pale ales, stouts and lagers, it’s hard to decide on just one type of beer let alone which brand to guzzle among the seemingly endless array of suds pumped out by major and micro-breweries. No doubt if you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, the bride has agreed to let you serve your favorite beer. Now pull the beer theme into other aspects of your wedding with beer-inspired groomsmen gifts.

Here’s a novel beer gift idea. A new trend in restaurants and brew pubs around the country is to offer the indecisive beer drinker several types of beer at once, served in smaller glasses. Often called a ‘beer flight,’ this is a scaled down solution that allows you to sample a variety of craft beers without committing to finishing off full-sized servings (and possibly getting drunk in the process). It’s similar to a ‘wine tasting’ and many establishments serve the beer flights with flair – a progression of beers in smaller glasses lined up from lightest to darkest.

A beer flight is a great way to start off your bachelor party festivities, or even to present as tasteful groomsmen gifts that the guys are bound to use with gusto in their own homes. We’ve found a really awesome, handsomely crafted beer flight sampler that will provide your buddies a means to enjoy a four-fecta of ales. The natural-finish wooden paddle has carved out spots to hold four 5-ounce pilsner-style beer glasses and can be personalized with two lines of text. A refreshing choice in groomsmen gifts and perhaps a set of beer mugs that your friends have not even yet seen the likes of. One, two, three, four beers for your boys!